Website-based communications for your business or contact centre
Embed live web chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing directly into your website to help convert more leads and improve your customer service

Use Live Web Chat for a human touch on your website

  • Handle multiple chat conversations at once. Escalate into voice, video or cobrowsing in the same session

  • Track customer journey and session information in real-time and monitor in Google Analytics

  • Pass lead data and chat transcripts into your CRM

  • Data capture messages collect key data including name, email and custom fields

  • Facebook Messenger, SMS and WhatsApp integrations

Bring phone calls into your website to drive sales and service

Take a look at our latest integration with Mitel

Talkative can seamlessly integrate with your Mitel contact centre, or with any other provider you are using. Take a look at our Mitel integration here

Give your customers the most personal of digital experiences with Video Calling

  • Easily switch between 1 and 2-way video calling

  • Can be used as stand alone solution or as part of Talkative’s complete product offering

  • Integrates with existing telephony systems, no specialist hardware required

Use Cobrowsing to guide your customers

  • Real-time viewing of how your customer is interacting with your website

  • Annotate and assist the browsing session

  • Ability to hide and mask personal/sensitive data from agents

  • Safe and secure, with end-to-end encryption

  • Agents can only see the customer's view of the website. They cannot see desktop, browser tabs or files

  • Works behind login walls and requires no downloads or plugins

Common features across all Talkative products

  • Works on all modern browsers and devices

  • No plugins, downloads or sign-ins required

  • Includes API integration with website CTA buttons

  • Seamless deployment with your existing telephony and contact centre systems

  • All customer interactions can be saved into your CRM and matched against customer records

  • Safe and secure communication channels with end-to-end encryption

Business benefits of Talkative's software

  • Reduced website abandonment - Engage with your website visitors instead of remaining passive

  • Increased engagement - Real-time conversations with your customers

  • Contact centre efficiency - Help your agents to spend more time solving customer queries

  • Customer journey attribution - Every conversation is logged and attributed to specific web pages

  • ROI on website investment - There is clear evidence of Talkative providing customers with a clear return on investment

Talkative and Bravissimo live web chat and video calling case study

Through the power of live web chat and video calling Bravissimo are looking to convert more website visitors into customers and improve the overall customer experience. By embedding Talkative into their website Bravissimo have been able to achieve this. Since the integration Bravissimo has seen a 60% increase YoY in interactions and 70% reduction in chat abandonment rates.

At Talkative, we work closely with all of our customers and partners to ensure that our software can really help make the difference they are looking for. This could be to convert more website visits to leads, leads to sales, or one-time customers to life-long customers.


Want more in-depth knowledge?

It’s time for you to embrace the website-based communication revolution. Turn more visitors into leads and sales then provide them with exceptional customer service. That's where Talkative comes in...

Support and Training

We want every single user of the Talkative software to have the best possible training so that they can maximise every interaction with their customers.

Contact Centre Integration

The Talkative solution overlays on all contact centre solutions and extends their functionalities. Our integration with Mitel is a great example of bridging the gap between websites and contact centres.

Live Web Chat

Robust, user-friendly human-to-human communication channel. Seamless escalations to web and video calling. Fully customisable chat UI which integrates with your existing CRM.


Safe, secure and industry compliant interactions between your agents and website visitors. Annotate documents, show and help users with their website experience.

Video Calling

1 or 2-way video calling embedded into your website, leveraging WebRTC technology. Seamless call centre integration and works alone or combined with Talkative’s other products.

Web Calling

Let your customers call you from within your website. Simply embed voice calling and receive calls to your existing phones. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads required.

Why Talkative Is Enabling And Enriching Humans, Not Replacing Them

We believe that new technology doesn’t have to replace humans. Instead, technology – like ours – should be used to enrich and enable humans to be better and offer more to the customers they are serving.

Each element of our products (live web chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing) has been designed to enhance the customer experience and help business's convert more website visitors into customers.

At Talkative, we are working to make sure that as many organisation's as possible are looking to enhance their biggest asset, their people. This is our promise to you, and we will do all we can to make sure you have everything you need to offer truly human-powered communication.

The Importance Of WebRTC

Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC) is one of the big technology shifts of the past few years. This technology enables users to communicate and collaborate in real-time through a web-browser or a mobile app. This includes voice, video, data transfers and even cobrowsing.

Talkative leverages WebRTC to provide a holistic website-based communication solution. Whether you use phone, email, chat, cobrowsing or video to talk to your customers, Talkative makes it easy for you to leverage WebRTC.

Success Stories From Our Clients

Laura Franklin Bravissimo

"Talkative’s solution allows Bravissimo customers to engage with our consultants in the same way they would if they were in store, which massively improves our customers’ online experience. Talkative has worked amazingly well and we’ve seen a real improvement already. Our abandonment rate target was 10%, and we’ve managed to lower our average chat abandonment rate to 6% in the first month."

Nicholas Reisinger Call It Automotive

"We have been operating in the automotive chat market for years and were using several chat providers. Transitioning all our clients onto Talkative was smooth, which included integration into our custom lead distribution API. We now have 24/7 support, with issues solved quickly and efficiently from an agile UK-based engineering team."

"Talkative have been very proactive in helping us in the quest to increase our digital leads through live chat, web calls and offline messages. They have worked hard to customise all of this to suit our in-house style, as well as ensure the various lead generation tools are correctly tracking and integrated with our other systems. Fantastic service and positive results!"

See how 'Style our Home' have been using Talkative's software to enhance their sales process

Talkative can customise our technology to your specific requirements

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Live Web Chat Best Practices

An in-depth guide for how to use the web chat system

Support and Training

Training for new Talkative users, including walkthrough videos

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