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Talkative provides unique customer communication solutions

About Talkative

Almost all aspects of business are now done through digital touch points. Automation and self service technology is on the rise, but there will always be a place for human customer contact. Talkative specialises in improving these high-touch digital interactions.

Each company faces their own unique customer service problems. One size does not fit all. Talkative uses a consultative approach to first truly understand your business. Then we leverage the latest technologies into effective applications that work best for you.

Talkative has been providing innovative customer service solutions since its inception from The Alacrity Foundation. We will continue to innovate and provide solutions that let you see, understand and solve customer issues.

Who Supports Talkative

Talkative is supported by several great organisations:

The Alacrity Foundation is a charitable startup incubator, creating the next generation of technology companies.

Wesley Clover is a serial Super Angel, starting companies globally by providing seed, early stage and follow-on financing.

The Finance Wales Group is one of the UK’s largest investment companies and provides growth capital for SMEs.

The Waterloo Foundation is an independent grant-making Foundation based in Cardiff, Wales.

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