Intersection Of Web & Telephony

Websites are the most important part of the customer journey.

However, online experiences don't allow true human connection between customers and organisations.

This is largely due to telephony still being disparate from websites.


The birth of WebRTC has allowed real time communications to be embedded into browsers. Phones and full-blown applications are no longer required to make a voice or video call. This fundamental shift in browser capability has opened up an opportunity to redefine telephony.

Talkative leverages WebRTC technology to power webcalling. Webcalling allows consumers to make a voice call from an organisation's website into the organisation's phone systems.

Talkative's vision is to make webcalling ubiquitous and bridge the divide between telephony and websites.

Why Webcalling Matters

This core concept of uniting telephony and websites has several implications.

Consumers do not require phones or applications to initiate the call. The call is free for the consumer.

Calls can be intelligently routed based on the online journey of the consumer. You can track all your calls and relate them to your web traffic.

You can escalate to a video call and escalate from web chat into voice. You can cobrowse and collaborate through your website.


Talkative enables partners to provide real time communication services to their clients:

Talkative partners


Talkative is backed by a number of investors, including Wesley Clover.

The company is headquarted in Newport, United Kingdom, with partners throughout the UK, Canada, France, Spain, India, and Malaysia.

Talkative investors

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