Browser Based Agent Console

Customer Journey Analytics

Simply manage all chat, voice, video and cobrowse interactions within an easy-to-use console

Customer Journey Overview

View exactly where the customer has been on your website.

Display account information and other website data, such as basket contents.

A Quality of Service summary gives an overview of which features are available.

Automatically screenpopped with every interaction.

Customer Journey

Agent Tools

Web chat messages are created and sent within the console.

Cobrowsing can be used within the same window, alongside chat or voice calls.

Video calling can also be used alongside web chat or voice calls.

All escalation features are offered to the customer by the agent, to ensure a smooth process. Feedback is given on whether the escalation is pending, declined or accepted.

Agent controls

Enterprise Ready

The console is accessed via Chrome or Firefox, with an option for AD single sign on integration.

Integrate the console and application with your CRM, call centre or existing agent clients.

While voice calls are routed to agents existing phones, a view of the customer's current page is displayed within the console.

Current page Customer's current page displayed to agents with incoming calls.

Agent Guides

Talkative is simple to use, and you can share these guides with your users:

Web Chat Guide

An in-depth guide for how to use the web chat system. Learn more >

Cobrowsing User Guide

An in-depth guide for how to use the cobrowsing tool. Learn more >

Talkative Agent Console