Case Studies from businesses using Talkative

Partner With Talkative

As well as working directly with many of our customers, we also work with a range of channel partners. These partners are companies that are currently working with businesses who could use the Talkative solution. Some examples include call and contact centres which handle communications for multiple clients, or website developers who build and maintain sites for a range of customers.

If this is something that would appeal to yourself, or you know a company that would fit this way of working then please take a look at our partners page for more details.

Why you Should Work With Talkative

At Talkative, we take the time to ensure we can deliver exactly what you need. We have a dedicated sales and support team to help you make the most out of the Talkative platform. We pride ourselves on giving all of our customers a highly personalised experience. We will take all the time needed to make sure that your agents know how to use all the available tools to help maximise the opportunities Talkative can provide.

Take a look below, and see how some of Talkative's current customers are making the most out of the software.


Bravissimo are using Talkative's full suite of solutions to offer their customers a highly personalised shopping experience, which helps set them apart from their competitors. Bravissimo also wanted to utilise Talkative's Mitel integration to make the the implementation as seamless as possible. Here are some of the things Bravissimo wanted to achieve:

  • Decrease abandonment rates

  • Increase chat enquiries

  • Streamlined communication

Yellow Zebra Safaris

Yellow Zebra Safaris (YZS) are using Talkative's solution to help offer a personalised experience for their website customers, by offering instant live web chat and web calling with expert travel agents. Since integrating Talkative, YZS has seen a significant improvement in their online conversion rates. This is what they wanted to use Talkative for:

  • Chat and Voice calling

  • Personalised web experience

  • Offline lead collection

Call-It Automotive

Call-It Automotive (CIA) are using Talkative's live web chat software in order to communicate with customers within the website itself and to offer unparalleled levels of service. Their multi-dealer contact centre means that they have to deal with a wide range of chats, in a speedy and accurate manner. CIA are using Talkative for:

  • Increasing the number of leads

  • Improving lead conversions

  • tracking the customer journey

Blair Consular Services

Blair Consular uses Talkative's cobrowsing solution to help their customers fill in complex forms and annotate live documentation. Their product is complex, so by using Talkative, they are able to help simplify the process. Here are some of the key reasons they use cobrowsing:

  • Collaboration

  • Form filling

  • Annotation

  • Simplify a complex user interface

Style Our Home

Through Talkative's web calling platform, online furniture store Style Our Home are engaging and converting even more website visitors into customers. With Talkative, they are not only improving their customer experience, but also converting more leads into done deals. This is why they are using Talkative:

  • Increase web conversions

  • Intelligently route calls

  • Streamline communication channels