Blair Consular Services Case Study
See how Blair Consular Services are using Talkative's cobrowsing solution to provide superior customer serivce

Who are Blair Consular?

Blair Consular Services Ltd is Europe’s oldest and largest consular agent. They specialise in providing bespoke export documentation solutions for a wide range of national and international clients. Employing over 70 members of staff and operating a fleet of 15 courier vehicles in the U.K, the company is now the European market leader in providing specialist export services to customers worldwide. Blair’s wide range of services includes Quickcert; which is the most popular online certification program for exporters and freight forwards. This unique online documentation software platform which allows you to create, submit and receive checked, authorised and certified by a Chamber of Commerce export documents within hours, even minutes.

    Why and how do Blair Consular use talkative?

    Blair Consular Services use live web chat and cobrowsing within their QuickCert online certification portal. Staff are able to securely join the customer's browsing session to see, understand, and solve problems relating to the QuickCert online service. For Blair, having the ability to securely collaborate on documents of vital importance to businesses, as well as being able to annotate key phrases and sections is of massive importance because of the complexity involved.

      What benefits are Blair Consular seeing?

      Cobrowsing has transformed how we manage customer enquiries about Certificate of Origin forms. Complex enquiries can be solved faster, which saves us a lot of time.

      - Doug Blair, Managing Director

      By using this new technology, Blair is able to offer a superior level of customer service, faster resolution rates and improved accuracy for their customers. Is that something your business could do with?

        Company: Blair Consular Services

        Talkative Features: live web chat & cobrowsing.

        Website: Blair Consular Services & QuickCert