Yellow Zebra Safaris Case Study

What was the challenge for Yellow Zebra Safaris?

Providing customers with adventure trips, while creating a better online customer experience.

How will Yellow Zebra Safaris solve this challenge?

Using Talkative's web calling platform to better engage customers and convert website visitors into clients.

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The company already had an existing solution in place, however they wanted something that could help them drive more calls. The company’s key driver for using Talkative’s solution was its web calling ability, enabling voice calls to be made through the website itself, without the need for a phone.

The Talkative solution has been customised to fit the existing branding of Yellow Zebra Safaris’ website. This has allowed Yellow Zebra Safaris to promote a constant customer experience for their website visitors.

Attribution and tracking is crucial for digital marketing. Therefore, Talkative has integrated its system into Google Analytics and Double Click, the digital analytics platforms used by Yellow Zebra Safaris. This can help them track web calls, live webchats, and emails they receive via their website.

Talkative have been very proactive in helping us in the quest to increase our digital leads through live web chat, web calls and offline messages. They have worked hard to customise all of this to suit our in-house style, as well as ensuring the various lead generation tools are correctly tracking customer engagement and are integrated with our other systems. Fantastic service and positive results! Thanks to Felix, Jakub and the rest of the team.

- Annabel Ford, Marketing Manager

Yellow Zebra Safaris began to use Talkative's solution in August 2017. Talkative’s solution connects contact centres with websites, with a clear focus on enabling high-touch human interactions.

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Company: Yellow Zebra Safaris

Industry: Travel

Website: Yellow Zebra Safaris