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True Cobrowsing

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Share the Customer View

Give your agents the tools they need. Give your customers the service they expect.

Agent Console - Cobrowsing
  • Join Mid-Session: Assist your customer at any point of their journey. Simply join the customer's browsing session and share their view of your website at the click of a button. No need to start a new session, or open a new tab. The solution even works behind login/authentication walls.

  • Accurate Rendering: Talkative provides you with an accurate rendering of the customer's screen. You see exactly what the customer sees, no matter how complex your website is. The customer can be on any browser or device.

  • Lightweight Implementation: Just 3 lines of code need to be added to your website/app. The customer requires no plugins, downloads or new windows. Full functionality across all browsers, including mobile apps.

Direct Customer Interaction

Proactively solve problems and transform the online customer experience.

Customer view - Cobrowsing
  • Direct Interaction: Guide the customer as if you were next to them. Jointly scroll and navigate through the website. Send them to preset pages to save time. Annotate the screen to provide a personal touch.

  • Documents & Forms: Push documents and images to enrich the customer journey. Files are overlayed onto the website, without requiring popups or new windows. Jointly fill in forms to avoid unsuccessful applications.

  • Security & Reporting: Data is transferred over WSS/HTTPS. Obfuscate sensitive information from the agent view. Cobrowsing is restricted to your website, within the customer's browser tab. The agent cannot see the customer's desktop or any other tabs. Comprehensive analytics is provided, with a full audit trail of interactions.

Cobrowsing Done Right

How Talkative's Cobrowsing solution is different:

Talkative has a unique take on cobrowsing to ensure the agent gets an accurate rendering of what the customer is looking at. Your agents see an accurate replication of what the customer is looking at. Because Talkative does not forward the DOM (unlike other solutions), it doesn't matter what browser or device the customer is on. Similarly, because you are not actually joining the customer on the page, there are no issues around unique session IDs. Regardless of how complex your website is, the Talkative solution has been designed to always give an accurate cobrowsing experience.
A good cobrowsing solution should allow you to join your customer mid-session. There is no need to start browsing from scratch. Talkative's cobrowsing solution is JavaScript based, so the customer doesn't have to install plugins or download anything.
Most cobrowsing solutions let you see, but not interact with, the customer's screen. Talkative lets you actually assist the customer, by allowing agents to interact with all elements of your website. You can guide the customer around your website, annotate the screen, push documents and form fill.
If your website has sensitive information, you can simply obfuscate these elements with a CSS class. No sensitive information leaves the customer's browser and the agent cannot view or modify the information, so you can remain PCI/DSS compliant. The agent's view is restricted to the page of your website that the customer is on. Agents cannot see the customer's desktop. You can restrict cobrowsing to certain pages.
All browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE8+) are supported. Cobrowsing can be included within native iOS/Android mobile apps. The cobrowsing technology is JavaScript based, so no plugins, sign-ins or downloads required for the customer. No modification to your website are needed, beyond including 3 lines of code.
You can buy the Talkative cobrowse solution as a standalone system, without having to also use the webcalling modules. You can use cobrowsing by itself: your customer reads out a 5 digit PIN from your website to your agent, who types it in to their browser-based console to correlate the session. You can also escalate the system from Live Chat or Webcalling. The solution requires just 3 lines of code to integrate with your website/app. The UI is fully customisable, with a Talkative cobrowsing API available to suit any integration use case. You can even configure hotkeys. The solution is available for either cloud-hosted or on-premise deployment scenarios.
Talkative provides comprehensive historical and real-time analytics for cobrowsing, covering all customer/agent interactions with a complete audit trail. Learn More >

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Cobrowsing Resources

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