Simple and Secure Cobrowsing Solution
Delight your customers by adding a human, personal touch to their website experience

Why cobrowsing could transform your business

In an age of collaborative communication, cobrowsing is the next evolution in offering your customers the highest levels of customer service whilst helping you to generate more sales.

The benefits cobrowsing can bring you and your customers are numerous. From guiding visitors and customers through your website and member’s areas to assisting form-filling, answering questions and giving platform walk-throughs.

By offering collaborative tools such as Talkative’s cobrowsing to your website, you can offer a new dimension to your website experience. Cobrowsing has also been proven to help reduce annual support costs, increased profits and improve overall company growth.

Now it’s time to transform your business.

Facts about cobrowsing

More and more businesses are seeing the benefits of collaborative communication though cobrowsing. Will you be next?

  • Aberdeen Group reports that firms using cobrowsing enjoy 10% year-on-year growth compared to 6.2% for those without cobrowsing

  • Companies using cobrowsing enjoy a 2.4% annual improvement (decrease) in support costs year-over-year, compared to 0.4%

  • Cobrowsing users achieve a 7.2% annual increase in profit margins, due to reduced support costs and increased top-line revenue
  • See from your customer's point-of-view

    • Accurate rendering allows you to see exactly what the customer is looking at

    • Direct, real-time interaction with the website to immediately help solve issues

    • Annotate the screen to give guidance and ensure the user finds everything they need

    • Push and display documents as well as aiding customers with form-filling

    Cobrowsing is safe and secure

    • No plugins or downloads required for website users

    • No sensitive data leaves the customer’s web browser

    • Cobrowsing only reveals the customer's view of the website, not tabs, files or desktop

    • Sensitive data/pages can be marked or redacted from the agent’s view

    Want to see how cobrowsing works? Not a problem. Click below for an instant demo

    Easy to set up and use

    • Cobrowsing simply requires 3 line of code to set up

    • Works as stand-alone solution, or as part of Talkative’s web calling and live web chat solutions

    • Cobrowsing works with all modern browsers and devices including mobile, tablet and desktop

    • Embed own button/CTA to initiate session using Talkative cobrowsing API

    Fully customisable UI

    • Can design own button/CTA to initiate session

    • Able to embed cobrowse session into existing agent console through Talkative cobrowsing API

    • Ability to choose when and where to display cobrowsing options to web visitors to ensure that agents are available to use the function

    How is Talkative’s cobrowsing solution different?

    Agents are able to join customers mid-session, no matter where the customer is on the website. Talkative’s cobrowsing solution is Javascript based, so doesn’t require customers to download anything or install plugins

    Cobrowsing is secure and is compliant with regulations. Sensitive information can be masked from the agent’s view, and agents are unable to see/edit, therefore remaining PCI/DSS compliant

    All browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE11+) are supported. Cobrowsing can be included within native iOS/Android mobile apps

    Agents views are restricted to the page of the website which the customer is on. Agents cannot view desktops, or access files. Cobrowsing can also be restricted to certain pages on your site

    Talkative provides comprehensive historical and real-time analytics for cobrowsing, covering all customer/agent interactions

    Works alone or as part of Talkative's comprenhensive web-based communication solution. Escalate to cobrowsing from live web chat, web calling or video calling

    Case studies from our current clients

    Blair Consular Services

    Blair Consular uses Talkative's cobrowsing solution to help their customers fill in complex immigration forms and annotate live documentation

    • Collaboration

    • Form filling

    • Complex user interface

    Yellow Zebra Safaris

    Yellow Zebra Safaris are using Talkative's software to help offer a personalised experience for their website customers, by offering instant web chat and web calling with expert travel agents

    • Chat and voice calling

    • Personalised web experience

    • Offline lead collection

    Call-It Automotive

    Call-It Automotive are using Talkative's live web chat software in order to communicate with customers within the website itself and to offer unparalleled levels of service

    • Increase number of leads

    • Imnproving lead conversion

    • Customer journey tracking

    Style Our Home

    Through Talkative's web calling platform, online furniture store Style Our Home are engaging and converting even more website visitors into customers

    • Increase web conversions

    • Intelligent call routing

    • Streamlined communication

    Transform your user experience and boost your bottom line with cobrowsing

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