Live Web Chat FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Talkative's Live Web Chat Solution

Can I combine Live Web Chat with any of the other Talkative solutions?

Yes, live web chat can be used in addition to cobrowsing, web or video calling. For more complex customer interactions, it is recommended that you escalate to a cobrowsing session or a web call, depending on the available features. Being able to escalate an interaction from one platform to another, without it compromising the browsing experience, contributes to a more personalised and high-touch point customer experience.

Can I see what pages on the website the customer has looked at?

Yes, Talkative’s web chat solution comes with a customer journey overview feature, which allows agents to gain an insight into the pages your customers are visiting. Additionally, cobrowsing offers the capability of following the customers’ browsing session in real time, viewing exactly what they are looking at on your website. These features are useful when it comes to optimizing your website and identifying the most frequently visited webpages.

How can I add Live Web Chat to my website?

The live web chat solution can be embedded within your website using only 3 lines of code- no add-ons or additional software is required. Once you’ve added the scripts onto your website, you can start using the solution straight away.

Web chat works through an open-source protocol, meaning that you’ve got the freedom of choosing which features to offer on specific pages within your website, and which agent groups you want to assign specific conversations too (i.e chats from a support page to a technical team, or chats from a sales page to a sales team).

What happens if there are no agents available to answer a chat?

Unless you’ve set up an offline-email feature, the Talkative application will not show outside of business hours. We use an API to determine whether an agent is available to respond to a web chat query- if the customer has entered your website out of business hours, they won’t be presented with the option for a web chat interaction.

To make sure that you don’t miss out on opportunities to engage with customers, Talkative allows you to set different business hours for different parts of your website. This can be done in the ‘Create Preset’ section of the agent console. Agents can be assigned to a specific queue depending on their area of expertise, to provide adequate customer support and reduce response rates.

Are the customers details secure if they write them in a Live Web Chat?

Live web chat sessions are secured with an end-to-end encryption, meaning that no third parties can access the interaction. For an additional layer of protection, a unique session token is given to all communication prior to establishing an engagement session, to reduce the risk of an external security attack. The Talkative scripts are only contained within the browsing tab, and any information that the customer shares is securely transferred between the two parties.

Can I set automated messages with Live Web Chat?

The live web chat solution allows you to create customised canned messages, specific to your business’ needs. Pre-configured chat messages can speed up your response times and provide a personalized touch to your customer communications. If an agent types ## in the chat box, they can choose between any of the pre-configured canned messages that best suits the context of the interaction. Canned messages are a great tool that saves time and improves the productivity of your agents.

Will the talkative software integrate with my CRM?

Yes, all of Talkative’s solutions can be integrated into 3rd party services for website analytics, combining the online interactions’ data with other website traffic. The leads acquired through real-time online communication can be delivered directly to your CRM, including valuable information such as the customer’s phone number, name and email address.

Gathering the data from live web chat and web calling into your CRM allows for the customer service operations to be streamlined and improves the efficiency of your agents. The more comprehensive the data you’ve gathered about your customers is, the better customer service your agents can provide.