Web Calling FAQs
Frequently Asked Questions About Talkative's web calling solution

Can I call my customers through Talkative's Web Calling software?

Unfortunately not at this time. At present the customers have to initiate the call from their side.The WebRTC technology can be used for calls to be made from either side, however as our software has been designed to for inbound messages (to your business) through the browser we do not offer it.

Having the option of being able to call customers via WebRTC is something that we could look into implementing. If you are interested in this as an additional bit of functionality for our software please drop us a message the bottom of the website!

Does Web Calling need a phone?

Web calling is embedded directly within your company’s website, meaning that customers don’t need a phone to initiate an interaction. Moreover, no plug-ins or downloads are required- a conversation can be started at any point of the browsing sessions, with only a click.

Web (Voice) Calls are routed to a company’s existing contact centre- no new equipment is needed, meaning that you can use your existing phones and telephony systems. The Application Programming Interface (API) of the solution is available to be integrated within any use case- whatever the size of your contact centre is, you will be able to customize the web calling solution to fit your needs.

Does Web Calling use a phone line?

Web calling is enabled by VoIP- Voice over Internet Protocol. This protocol doesn’t use a regular phone line to route calls. Rather, it converts voice signals into digital ones, which are then sent as data over the broadband line. That being said, VoIP calls can be made from a regular landline phone, by using a special adapter that plugs into a phone socket. Keep in mind, even though the phone calls can be made through a landline phone, the quality of conversation still depends on your broadband speed.

Depending on the operations of your contact centre, you could integrate web calling without having a traditional landline. Usually, most broadband packages are delivered through a phone line. However, there are now options for setting up landline-free broadband, which means that you could save money from paying for a phone line.

Can I record the Web (Voice) Calls for training & monitoring?

Yes, you have the option of recording web calls, which can be used to assess agents’ performance and determine any weak spots in your customer support team.Talkative records every interaction through the system in a searchable database- these interactions can then be filtered by date, user, group, categories and interaction type.

The gathered data can be used for the compilation of reports, providing an overview of the total number of calls per day, per agent or per group. This allows you to isolate a particular type of interactions in order to identify the agents’ efficiency in handling the customers’ requests.

Can I analyse where the calls have been generated from on the website?

Since web calls are initiated within a website session, Talkative is able to provide context of how, why and where a call has been started. Having acquired this information in real-time, the agents are better equipped to handle the customers’ queries and resolve their issues in a timely manner.

Integrating web calling within your website allows you to get to know the customer even before the call has started, by identifying the page they are contacting you from and connecting them with the right agent. Since all interactions are being recorded and stored by the Talkative’s analytics system, it is much easier to identify the most common pages from which customers initiate a call. This gives contact centre managers a better idea of how many agents need to be assigned to a particular queue, so that they are equipped to handle a higher volume of customer queries.

Do I need any additional hardware or software for Web or Video Calling?

No. All of Talkative’s solutions for real-time communication can be integrated within your website with only three lines of code. The WebRTC technology eliminates the need for any plugins, sign-ins and downloads. The customer simply needs to go on to your website to call you. This also means you no longer need to pay for 0800 numbers- web and video calling is completely free, no matter the volume of calls you are receiving.

Does the Talkative software integrate with my CRM?

Yes, all of Talkative’s solutions can be integrated into 3rd party services for website analytics, combining the online interactions’ data with other website traffic. The leads acquired through real-time online communication can be delivered directly to your CRM, including valuable information such as the customer’s phone number, name and email address.

Gathering the data from live web chat and web calling into your CRM allows for the customer service operations to be streamlined and improves the efficiency of your agents. The more comprehensive the data you’ve gathered about your customers is, the better customer service your agents can provide.

Is Web (Voice) Calling secure?

The value of a web (voice) in terms of generating leads and resolving customer queries is irrefutable. Ensuring the secure exchange of information in real time, web calling is an effective solution for gaining insight into customer’s issues and purchasing history. As with all other Talkative solutions, web calling is are encrypted using a trusted public certificate authority (CA), to ensure the authenticity of the Talkative server to both parties.

The solution is embedded within your website, allowing customers to call you straight from the browser and eliminating the need for any external software or hardware. The information gathered from a web call is not only more extensive than from a standard SIP call, but is also better protected. The fact that the interaction takes places entirely within the browser makes for a secure transfer of information between the two parties.

Can I make notes about the call in the software?

A live web call allows agents to gather valuable context about the customer’s problem and the page they are calling from. Agents are able to tag an interaction after it’s been completed, by putting down the customer’s name and the nature of their query. Currently,there isn’t a designated space within the web chat software where agents can take notes during the conversation. In order to keep a better record of the data collected from web calls, businesses can integrate the console and application within their pre-existing CRM software or any call centre analytical tool.

What is Click-to-Call?

Click-to-Call allows web calling from within a website, on desktop, tablet and mobile. One click to start a call from a browser into a contact centre. Click-to-Call uses WebRTC so you do not need and downloads, logins or plugins to start a call. Calls are routed directly into your contact centre and ring your existing phones like a normal PSTN call.

Click-to-Call is NOT requesting a call back. It is not getting someone to ring your mobile number. It does not need a phone. It is direct. It is instant. Click-to-Call is the most effective way of starting a voice call.

How does Click-to-Call work?

Click-to-call is a feature allowing for a voice call to be initiated within a website, on both desktop and mobile. Only one click is required to direct the call from a browser to the contact center and, thanks to the WebRTC technology, no plug-ins or downloads are required.

The solution can be integrated within your website with only 3 lines of code, the only thing that you need to do is choose the number you want to ring and the design of the Click-to-Call button. Once a customer has initiated a conversation via your website, the call goes through your existing contact centre, ringing your existing phones. Click-to-Call is the most efficient way to establish real-time, instantaneous communication with your customers.