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How Video Calling is Improving CX: eCommerce Industry Spotlight

Not long ago, a high-quality product was enough to make for a satisfied and loyal buyer. However, in today’s customer-centric economy, the personal connection with buyers has become even more important than the sale itself. In fact, by 2020, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator.

The exponential growth of the eCommerce industry has prompted businesses to nurture their customers' loyalty through unique online experiences. The urgency to deliver great customer service has prompted more than 100 of the 500 largest global businesses to introduce video-based customer service in 2018. As we enter 2019, video is no longer only a tool for personal communication, but a key differentiating factor for the quality of the customer service businesses provide.

Want to be at the forefront of digital innovation, delivering personalised customer service while also improving your sales and conversion rates? Here is how a video calling solution will enable you to do so:

1. Providing a bespoke shopping experience

The average UK customer shops online six times per month and, for each of these transactions, they expect to be met with personalised service, reflective of their previous brand interactions.

Implementing a video calling solution brings the personalised customer service of a brick-and-mortar store, online. This allows customers to experience the same level of care and assistance wherever they are, regardless of the device they are using.

One way to do so is by offering clients a ‘Personal Shopper service’, an innovative approach enabling online agents to familiarise buyers with the product they’re interested in, answering questions regarding its functionalities, design, fabric or fit. Video calling allows agents to focus on a customer’s individual needs and make suggestions that are based on their specific preferences.

Bravissimo, a leading UK lingerie retailer, has already leveraged the power of real-time communications, to offer their customers a personalised online shopping experience. By escalating an online interaction from live web chat to a video call, the retailer has adopted a human-centric approach to website communication. The result? Customers receiving a shopping experience that is tailored to their size and style preferences, at a time and place of their choice. With Talkative’s live web and video chat solution, Bravissimo has reduced its contact centre abandonment rates by 70%, experiencing a 60% increase in web chat enquiries.

2. Increases customers’ trust and loyalty

Provided the highly-competitive nature of the eCommerce industry, gaining customers’ trust and loyalty is essential for your business’ viability. According to Temkin Group, a loyal customer is 5x as likely to repurchase, 5x as likely to forgive and 7x as likely to try a new offering.

Video calling is a great way of exceeding customers’ expectations and offering a memorable digital experience. One-on-one interactions with shopping assistants or customer service representatives help to facilitate customers’ trust and subsequently builds their brand loyalty.

For 52% of shoppers, watching product videos increases their confidence in making a purchase. Yes, actions speak louder than words- Product Demos allow customers to establish a sense of ownership over the product by emphasising on its unique selling points.

A real-time demonstration can eliminate any concerns and misconceptions that might prevent the customer from purchasing. Video calling gives a human face to the sale interaction, establishing a trusting relationship with the buyer and helping your business win loyal customers.

3. Reducing the customer’s effort

Nowadays, 46% of customers prefer to research a product online, but make the actual purchase in store, where they can get a true feel for the product. A video calling feature enables customers to have the same human-like experience online, making for a more straightforward and frictionless buying journey.

Offering video calling reduces both the cognitive and time effort customers spend browsing through product pages and then making an in-store purchase. The solution is especially effective for improving customers’ confidence in the quality of service, stimulating their visual perceptions of the product.

Reducing the customer effort by shortening the online buying journey is a great way of improving both the customer experience and your conversion rates. Eliminating the need to switch between channels will improve your website’s conversion rates and bring you satisfied, loyal customers.

4. Increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment rates

The quality of your customer interactions can have a direct impact on your business’ sales. As the online buying journey becomes more complex for customers, it is getting more challenging for businesses to determine when is the right time to offer buyers support, without disrupting their browsing experience.

With the option of escalating a conversation from live web chat or voice, video calling provides personal assistance to customers at exactly the right time, as an integrated part of their shopping experience.

From the customers’ perspective, one-to-one interactions with an expert, who can solve any issues as they arise, creates a memorable experience that will incentivise them to make repeated purchases.

Such high-touch point customer service creates more up-selling opportunities and helps increase conversion rates.

Source: Business2community.com

Offering high-touch point customer service can have a positive impact on your shopping cart abandonment rate which, for most retailers, hovers around 68%. Video calling allows agents to communicate with the customers throughout their online journey- identifying the potential ‘deal breakers’ that would prevent buyers from completing their purchase.

5. Bridging the gap between digital and offline platforms

The technological advancements driving the retail industry have brought online the physical experience of customer support, to the extent where consumers no longer distinguish between shopping online and in store. Video calling is a great solution for unifying the operations of your eCommerce and brick-and-mortar businesses, combining the sales from the two channels and enabling the customers’ seamless omnichannel shopping experience.

Video calling enables online agents to perform as traditional shopping assistants, leveraging the power of digital innovation, to create immersive online user experience. While an increasing number of online companies have realised the potential of this innovative technology, it has not been widely adopted within the eCommerce sector. This gives you an opportunity to differentiate yourself from other industry players, by providing your customers with a shopping experience worth talking (and tweeting) about.


Video calling can be the key differentiating factor for business in terms of the quality of customer service they provide. Adopting a more human-centric approach to web communication is an effective strategy for increasing customers' trust and loyalty.

It is time to embrace digital innovation and leverage the power of video communication for creating bespoke online customer experiences. 2019 is the year when we will see an even further growth of personalised web interactions, so, why wait?