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Infographic: 10 Customer Service Stats for Retailers

High street retailers are in danger.

This seems to be the consensus nowadays,with online-only retailers taking 50p of every pound spend online in 2015, signifying customers' increased preference for online shopping.

Indeed, digital innovation is quickly reforming the retail industry- from multichannel shopping experiences, to experiential marketing campaigns and data-driven customer service- brands nowadays are actively seeking out new ways to retain their customers and remain profitable in an increasingly saturated marketplace.

As the physical retail industry struggles to keep up with online sales, high street retailers have realised the need to adapt to their customers’ changing shopping habits by offering bespoke shopping experiences online.

Driven by our curiosity for real-time communications, we took a deep dive into 75 of the UK’s high street retailers’ websites, to see what personalisation strategies businesses have adopted to improve their online customer service.

Our report revealed several key trends, including:

  • increased emphasis on real-time online communication, offering live chat managed by a customer service agent;
  • offering alternative payment methods and delivery options

  • introducing bespoke shopping experiences, such as personal shopping or styling services

In case you are short on time and can’t read through the full report, we have put together an infographic illustrating the key findings on how high street retailers are adapting to the digital marketplace: