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Mitel Chat Alternative - Contact Centre Chat Integration MiCC

Our mission at Talkative is to connect customer-facing websites into existing contact centre infrastructure. A key part of this is integrating with contact centre systems such as Mitel.

Mitel Contact Center (MiCC) is a market leading solution for handling inbound communications.

If you're looking for a powerful chat solution that integrates with your MiCC, Talkative is a strong alternative to Mitel's in-built chat system.

Why are contact centres using Talkative to complement their Mitel contact centre?

Talkative combines the best of both worlds - a purpose-built web chat solution with full routing/reporting integration into Mitel.

Simple Website Integration

Talkative gives you full flexibility and customisation over the user interface (UI) of the chat widget. All you need to do is copy/paste a few lines of code into your website or via Google Tag Manager. The UI is set up to match your website branding, and your web developers can further enhance the integration via Talkative's web API.

You can offer chats and calls based on website behaviour e.g. time on page, and limit website availability based on queue size, agent resource and time of day.

You can track all of these interactions (chat, voice, video, callback, emails) and outcome ‘tags’ (e.g. new enquiry, support call, sales call) within Google Analytics for complete visibility over your website communications.

Enhanced Chat Functionality

Talkative's chat solution features a number of features that improve chat productivity:
• Canned Messages - create dynamic shortcut messages to save agents' time
• Customer message preview - see what the customer is typing in real time
• Credit/debit card masking - keep your contact centre PCI compliant
• Fully configurable pre-chat survey - remove altogether to maximise engagement
• Data capture messages - collect customer data during chat conversations
• CRM integrations - automatically populate records to save time

Real Time Voice and Video Communication

While web chat continues to grow in popularity, voice calls are still key for many contact centres. Talkative re-imagines the voice call by embedding webcalls into customer-facing websites. Website visitors can dial direct from the page, or escalate a chat into a call. You can even use video calling. WebRTC-powered voice/video means everything is neatly embedded into your website. Talkative also allows an instant callback service for users who would prefer to be called on their phone.


Agent Tools

As well as embedding real time communication into the website itself, Talkative brings valuable website session information to the agent. Agents can see the customer journey through the website and view authenticated user information, e.g. account ID or basket contents. Customer page preview shows the customer's current page at a glance. Page push and cobrowsing allow greater control over the website journey, (with the user's permission of course), to solve website issues and enhance onboarding sessions. These powerful tools can be used with Talkative web chat, inbound webcalls, or even regular inbound phone calls from the PSTN.


Full integration into Mitel

One of the main benefits of the MiCC solution is that you can handle, manage and report on all interaction types, so having a chat feature that keeps this unified solution is key. Talkative interactions are routed, queued and reported by Mitel. Talkative web calls are delivered via SIP into the MBG and pass through existing call recording and queueing to agent phones.


Consumer Experience

Instead of opening a new window, Talkative is fully embedded onto the website. With customisable UI, Talkative can be configured to suit any online user journey. Talkative works on all modern browsers, and no plugins/downloads are required for the website visitor, even with voice/video calls.

Watch a 1 minute demo video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnm1deLqvPg

Tangible Results

A leading British high street retailer and MiCC customer moved from a 3rd party chat system with no integration into Mitel, towards a fully integrated Talkative/Mitel system. They found the following results within the first month of usage:

• 70% reduction in contact centre abandonment rate within 2 weeks
• 75% increase in available agents due to contact centre integration
• 60% increase in interactions compared to same period from last year

Please get in touch with our experts or via your authorised Mitel partner to understand how we can improve your Mitel chat experience.