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Top tools for optimising your online customer interactions

Becoming your customers’ favourite brand requires more than offering great products. Nowadays, brand loyalty is determined to a large extent by the quality of the customer service you provide.

In an environment where products and services can easily be replicated, personalised customer interactions have become a key differentiating factor for companies. Long gone are the days when people would use their social media profiles only to share photos from their holidays. Today, platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have become powerful vehicles for customers to voice their complaints, give feedback and share their experiences with a company’s service.

Businesses have already embraced the opportunity for optimising their customer engagement on social media. However, with customers’ attention being spread thin across communication channels, a consistent online presence is essential.
You need the right solutions to fight through the social media noise and establish a direct marketing channel to your customers. With so many smart customer service tools on the market, conversational intelligence has become a central point to businesses’ CX strategies.

What we mean by ‘Conversational intelligence’ is brands’ ability to use the insights from past customer interactions for gaining a better understanding of the customer journey and establishing long-lasting relationships with them. It is all about companies and customers being on the same wavelength when it comes to satisfactory customer service and user experience.

Implementing tools for real-time communication and utilising the AI technology will allow you to reach your customers on platforms they already use and become an integral part of their everyday online activities.

Efficient communication is essential for building customers’ trust and loyalty. If you share our belief, then you will benefit from learning about the latest tools for delivering optimal user experience on social media and making the most out of the customer interactions’ data.


67% of consumers seek resolution for their issues on social media. For businesses failing to optimise their digital presence, the shift to online customer service could be the final nail in their coffin. However, this doesn’t have to be the case for your company- adopting any of these tools will help you establish a more personal and consistent communication with customers on social:

SproutSocial is a platform enabling you to effectively manage your social media channels, nurture your customer relationships and deliver valuable content. Having immediate access to contextual information, agents can resolve customers’ issues and deliver a satisfactory user experience.

a href="https://sproutsocial.com/integrations/facebook/" target="_blank">sproutsocial

One of the most useful features it offers is the Smart Inbox, which brings your messages from all social media profiles into a single stream. They can then be categorised based on the nature of the enquiry and resolved by the appropriate agent.


All of SproutSocial’s plans include a 30-day free trial. You can choose between a Premium ($99 per user/month), Corporate ($149 per user/month) or an Enterprise plan ($249 per month), depending on how many social profiles you are managing and what are the features you consider most essential.


If Facebook is your most efficient channel for lead conversion and customer engagement, then Sprinklr is a solution you could benefit from. The software helps businesses become more customer-centric, streamlining their marketing, sales and customer care operations. The enterprise Social media management platform gives marketers and customer service agents a comprehensive view of their data and customer interactions. Some of its most useful features include:

  • Social Listening- allowing marketers to gather data from various social media blogs and websites, gaining insight on customers’ opinions and on competitors’ online activity.
  • Social Engagement & Publishing- combining the process of scheduling and publishing content with managing social engagement across multiple channels;

  • Social Customer Care- empowering the customer service team by combining AI-driven customer support with personalised interactions, for delivering a seamless user experience.

Good customer service starts from your website,
with voice web calling and live web chat

While social media is the place where customers go to share their experiences and opinions on brands, their buying journey starts from your website. That’s why it is important to make a good first impression, the minute your landing page has loaded.

Talkative’s web calling solution has several advantages over conventional inbound calls- it connects the customer with the right agent for the nature of their query and provide the necessary context so that issues can be resolved quickly and efficiently. Web calls originating straight from your website can be tracked and analysed, giving you greater insight into which marketing techniques have brought in the most customers.

If you want to resolve simple queries in a more personalised manner, you can integrate a live web chat solution. With features such as canned messages, your agents will be able to handle multiple chats and speed up their response times. Capturing data from past customer interactions will allow your agents to build a comprehensive profile of your customers and improve with every following interaction.

Talkative’s solutions do not require the installation of any additional hardware or software. Businesses can integrate the technology straight within their contact centre’s operations, optimising their agents’ efficiency and reducing the friction between different departments.

Pricing: The cost for employing these solutions will vary depending on the number of agents and the size of your business. Features can be customised and deployed based on the specific needs of your enterprise, making the solution fit seamlessly into your customer support agents’ operations.

Combine automation and personalisation with the power of AI

The Artificial Intelligence technology has transformed traditional customer service software.
Whether through chatbots or an all-around CRM software, AI gives marketers and agents the chance to understand the customer and serve them better. If you haven’t considered integrating a chatbot into your customer service team’s operations, you are missing out on a great opportunity of improving the quality of your service. Chatbots can reduce response times and increase agents’ productivity, providing rapid answers to your business’ most frequently asked questions.

Having a virtual assistant pays off- it saves you time and puts a smile on customers faces or, in this case, a smiling emoji in the chatbox. Given the wide range of AI-powered chatbots solutions on the market, we wanted to mention four of our favourites, to give you an idea of what features to look out for:

Microsoft Dynamics 365

Promising businesses the opportunity to deliver effortless, multi-channel customer experience, Microsoft’s Advanced AI offers brands to differentiate themselves by the quality of their customer service.

This conversational tool allows for agents and marketers to improve their performance by identifying and analysing the key points in the customer interactions. Some of its signature features include:

  • quick and easy onboarding of new agents
  • the opportunity to identify potential weaknesses in the agents’ performance
  • targeted analysis of contact centre operations and interactions

Large enterprises, such as HP, have employed Microsoft’s Advanced AI to ensure that their customer support team is operating up to the set standard. The company uses virtual agents to resolve some of the more straight-forward customer queries and, if the issue goes beyond the knowledge of the AI chatbot, then the interaction is passed to a live agent. Research has found that two of the most common frustrations amongst customers are having to repeat themselves and being passed from one agent to another. The idea behind the Microsoft AI solution is to enhance the operability of the customer service agents, cutting down on costs and call handle times.

Pricing: There are four subscription plans for employing the solution, designed to satisfy the needs of businesses from all sizes and industries. The most cost-effective option is the Dynamic 365 Plan, allowing access to all off the applications available. If you don’t want to commit to a plan from the get-go, there is the option of integrating only a few of the applications and upgrading to a plan once your business is ready for it.

Learn More: Top 10 Reasons to Choose Dynamics 365


Manychat combines the capabilities of a live chat solution with the personalisation of social media interactions, helping businesses level up their marketing, sales and support.

Their chatbots are seamlessly integrated within Facebook Messenger, enabling real-time customer communication on a platform they frequently use. The only thing you need to start using ManyChat’s Messenger bot is a Facebook page, which will send out messages and automatically respond to customers’ queries

Some of their most useful features include:
-Automated Sequences- allowing you to nurture your leads by sending series of messages to your subscribers over a period of time.

-Growth Tools- ManyChat’s chatbots allow you to convert visitors who comment on your page or have clicked on your Facebook ad into Messenger subscribers.

-Integrations- the solution can be integrated with your HubSpot CRM system, ConvertKit and Zapier, unifying the data gathered from Facebook Messenger interactions and feeding it into your CRM and Marketing platforms.

Pricing: No matter the size of your enterprise, you will be able to find a plan that suits your needs and budget. You can begin with a free plan, including all the basic features, and later upgrade to the Pro version. Billed on the number of active subscribers, with a Pro account you will get a wide range of features, including unlimited broadcast sequences, growth tools (Facebook Ads, Facebook Comments, Messenger Code) and unlimited tags.


Your Facebook Marketing campaigns are not generating the ROI you were expecting? With MobileMonkey’s chatbots for Facebook Messenger, businesses can get more leads, sales, and an unlimited number of contacts- no coding required. In addition to answering customer service questions, the chatbots can be integrated with Shopify, to monetize your Facebook business page.
Some of the other features you could take advantage of include:

-Integrating a website chat widget to improve conversions;

-Adding Q&A triggers which prompt the chatbot to provide instantaneous answers to queries containing certain keywords;

-Make lasting customer contacts, eligible to be targeted with future Marketing Campaigns

Pricing: With the Free Forever plan, marketers can use MobileMonkey for free, with unlimited Contacts and Facebook Pages. A PRO plan is also available, which allows for Messenger contacts to be integrated to other CRM systems. The TEAM Plan is the best solution for Agencies managing multiple campaigns across websites and Facebook pages.


If these solutions do not meet the needs of your business when it comes to social media interactions, then you might want to consider building your own, customised chatbot.

Meokay is one of the best tools out there for creating a conversational Messenger bot. Designed to be used by both developers and non-developers, it takes minutes to create conversational scenarios and build customised dialogues.
The Meokay chatbots:

  • work seamlessly within Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram- any major chat product

  • can take orders from Messenger and comments

  • can be integrated with all major payment systems

  • leverage signals to offer additional products and services


Sounds like something you’d like to try out? Meokay offers a 14-day free trial to see if their product is what your business needs.

However, these tools alone won’t be enough for improving your customer interactions…

No matter how advanced the solution is, if it has been integrated within a platform that your customers don’t use, you won’t see the desired results.

When it comes to improving the quality of your customer interactions, you need to consider:

• Which platform for online communication is most popular within your customers?
• How do people engage with your brand? Do they leave reviews on your Facebook page, write comments, share Tweets, etc.?
• Are your Call-To-Actions personalised towards your target audience?
• Do you provide customers with enough options to get in touch with your company, whether it be on your website, via phone call, or one of your social media handles?

Having answered these questions, you will be able to make a better judgement on which will be the most appropriate solution for empowering your customer service team and bringing clients the shopping experience they deserve.