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Video: 3 Top Tips on How To End a Web Chat

A lot of people focus on how to start a web chat conversation... but what about ending one?

How you start a web chat is crucial to getting customers on board, but as with so many things, the way you end a web chat is what leaves the lasting impression.

In this episode, we'll look at 3 tips to consider when ending a web chat. The key is to make your customer feel valued, appreciated and knowing that their query was important and resolved quickly.


Hey guys, thanks for tuning in again. Today I'm going to be giving you three
top tips on how to end a web chat, so let's get started!

Tip number one: Ending the chat abruptly is a no-go.

Every single customer deserves for your attention and courtesy. When the web chat comes to an end, make sure that they're leaving your website with a positive impression of the company and that there are no questions left unanswered.

Tip number two: End the chat when the customer is ready?

Let the customer set the pace for the conversation and make sure you're not ending the charts prematurely. Expressing a genuine concern for your customers needs won't go unnoticed, and it will actually help to improve your customer support rates.

Tip number three: Make your customers feel like they matter.

Everyone loves to feel special, so make sure you thank your customer contacting you and expressing interest in your products or services. Treating every customer with equal respect and gratitude is the way to build a loyal customer base, because they'll feel much more personally connected to your brand.

So, a very quick one today, but those are my top three tips on how to end web chats. If you want to learn more, click the link above and head over to our product pages. See you soon!

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is a Content and Digital Marketing Executive at Talkative. She is passionate about creating content, keeping the human touch in tech and all things digital marketing!

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