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Video: 5 Key Benefits of Cobrowsing

Cobrowsing is revolutionising customer website journeys.

Being able to communicate directly with a support agent or sales person whilst browsing through the pages of a website is one thing, but cobrowsing takes the experience to a whole new level.

Cobrowsing lets both the customer and agent journey through the website together, sharing the same screen. It's also interactive, with the agent able to physically assist the customer with complex online forms, offering tailored advice on products and services and much more, offering a virtual "in-store"experience for your online customers, in a completely secure environment.

This video discusses the top 5 benefits of implementing cobrowsing for your website.


Hey Guys! Thanks again for tuning in. So today I'm going to be giving you the top 5 benefits of using cobrowsing on your website, so let's get started!
So the first benefit is increased upselling. Having too much choice on your website can overwhelm your customers, so by using cobrowsing you can show your customers only the best and most suitable products or services for their needs.

Customers are more likely to spend money on products or services that directly match their needs; in fact, companies who use cobrowsing enjoy 10% more year-on-year growth, over those companies who don't.

The second benefit is that it shortens the sales cycle. Customers interact with multiple touchpoints before they make a decision on purchase. These touch points can include web chats telephone email in-store you name it cobrowsing unites these touch points into one, so sales teams can answer questions more effectively and direct customers to the correct information.

The third benefit is reducing website drop-off. Drop-off can be a real problem for websites… but what if you could see exactly where and when your customers leave your website? Cobrowsing gives you insights into your online customers’ journeys, so you can pinpoint problem areas on your website and fix them. What does this mean? People stay on your website for longer.

The fourth key benefit is that it reduces call times. A lot of time can be wasted over phone calls. One of the reasons for this is that the customer has to explain their problem at to the agent, and then the agent has to explain at the fix to the customer. Cobrowsing eliminates this
problem, because both the agent and the customer can see the same screen so the agent can simply perform the fix themselves. This saves both time and money.

The fifth benefit is that it improves customer experience. You know, sometimes it isn't just about speed. In fact, 95% of online customers said that they would prefer slower support, if the quality of that support was better. Because of the screen sharing element, cobrowsing offers fantastic customer experience because the quality of the help is very high, and it's directly focused on the customers needs. Because both the agent and the customer can see the same screen, the agent is able to empathize more with the customer, helping to build rapport and ultimately increasing overall website experience.

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is a Content and Digital Marketing Executive at Talkative. She is passionate about creating content, keeping the human touch in tech and all things digital marketing!

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