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Video: 5 Tips For Training Web Chat Agents

You've decided to implement live web chat in your contact centre... now what?

Web chat is a fantastic tool for boosting your customer experience, online conversions and sales, but as with every tool out there it is only as effective as the people operating it.

It's important to make sure your agents confident using web chat, to make sure that your organisation makes the most from it.

In this video, we go through 5 key considerations when training your web chat agents and why each one is critical for overall success.


1. Teach them what their actual role is

Giving people context on what their role is in the company, and how that effects the company’s success is critical when training support agents. It’s all well and good telling them what to do, but if they don’t understand why they’re doing it, the agents won’t be as effective. Whether the reason for implementing web chat is for customer support, sales, to improve website conversions or anything else, if the agent understands what the end goal is they can use lateral thinking to complete tasks more effectively.

2. Be positive, but manage customer expectations

Of course it’s important to frame web chats with positive language and a friendly demeanour, but it’s also important to train agents to not get carried away and promise the world. If you can’t do what the customer is asking, explain that you can’t and offer another solution. It’s better to manage expectations and be honest, than to make false promises and end up disappointing them.

3. Mock chats

The oldest trick in the book- PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! The more exposure agents have to quality mock chats, the more comfortable the agents will be in handling them quickly. Offer a range of scenarios, from super simple like asking what the opening times are, to the complex. In real life, agents can get flustered if they feel underprepared in a high pressure environment, but preparing them but setting through challenging paces will help to keep them level-headed when things heat up.

4. It’s not just about soft skills

Surprisingly- this one is often overlooked. Actually train your agents on how to use the platform! It’s easy to get carried away with soft-skills training, but make sure they are competent when using the software. Firstly, this is so they don’t get a nasty shock when the customer asks them to show them where a button is and the agent doesn’t know where the annotation tool is, but also so they don’t slow down response times by trying to work it out.

5. How many chats at once?

Web chat is a great way of multitasking- agents can handle multiple chats at once. However, it’s important they don’t spread themselves too thinly. If an agent tries to handle too many chats at once, they risk increasing their response times and decreasing the quality of the support they give, which is counter-productive to implementing web chat in the first place. It’s about trial and error.

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is Marketing Manager at Talkative. She loves to create content around customer experience, customer service and emerging tech within these fields.

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