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Video: 5 Ways To Tell If You Need Web Chat

Lots of website traffic? Can't keep up with all your email enquiries? If that's the case, you might want to consider implementing web chat onto your website.

As more buyers head online, it's important for companies to ensure they are offering customers as many contact channels as possible. Not only does this show the customer that you're available to them, but it also helps you manage your enquiries in a more organised and efficient manner.

But how do you know if you need web chat? In this video, we talk about the 5 signs to look out for.


Hello again everybody and welcome back! This week, we're going to be looking at the ways you can tell if you need web chat. So, let's get started!

The first way to tell is if you get a lot of website traffic. This is all relative, but typically speaking if your website is getting upwards of 2000 visitors per month, you might want to consider looking into web chat. This doesn't necessarily mean unique visitors by the way, just your total volume of visitors per month. Remember, 2000 visitors is a BIG sales opportunity! If they were in a physical store you wouldn't ignore them- so don't do that with your online customers!

The second way is if you get a lot of website enquiries. If you're getting a high volume of website enquiries, whether this is through online forms or emails, this shows that your customers have questions which need answering. In these situations web chat can be quite useful, because you're offering your customers a more direct method of communication. They can get their questions answered faster, and it helps to keep your email inbox a little bit clearer!

So the third way is if you want to increase your website conversions. The conversational element of web chat means that agents can answer questions that customers might have- questions which might have been making them a little bit hesitant to buy in the first place. This isn't just for ecommerce sites either. In fact, a lot of automotive companies who use web chat, use it to increase bookings through their website for services or appointments.

The fourth way to tell if you might need web chat is if your call centre wait times are getting a little bit out of hand. Nobody likes being stuck on hold, it's inconvenient for the customer and it's inefficient for the contact centre. Web chat offers a completely free method of contact with instant responses, which perfectly suits customers who don't have time to wait in a queue. This means that fewer people have to call your contact centre, so wait times naturally fall, creating a better experience for everybody.

And finally, the fifth way to know if you might need web chat is if your product offering is high value or complex. web chat is really useful if what your selling is high value, complex or both. A really good example of this is when customers are trying to book a holiday. Often, booking a holiday can be the single biggest expense of the year, so naturally customers want to make sure that they're making the right decisions. A lot goes into that thought process: they have to consider flights, booking times, transportation, resorts... the list goes on! offering web chat in situations like this can be so helpful for the customer. You can answer any questions in real time, helping them to make more confident and informed decisions.

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is a Content and Digital Marketing Executive at Talkative. She is passionate about creating content, keeping the human touch in tech and all things digital marketing!

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