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Video: Canned Messages 101

Canned messages are messages that are pre-screened and pre-approved to use in customer care conversations and which can be organized by the nature of the query or the type of product.

Canned messages allow you to respond to customers’ questions promptly without having to research the answer every time, giving the agents more time to personalize the message for the specific customer. This combination of a pre-scripted response and a customized greeting can boost your customer satisfaction score.

In this video, we delve into the do's and don't's of canned messages, so you can make the most of this great resource when speaking to your customers.


It’s a phrase which gets banded around a lot when it comes to web chat- what are they and why use them? Today we’re talking all about canned messages, so let’s get started!

Firstly, what is a canned message?

Canned messages are pre-written messages which you can send to customers at the click of a button.

Why should you use canned messages?

Canned messages allow you to respond to customers’ questions quickly without having to research and type out the answer every time. This gives the agents more time to personalize the message for each specific customer, which can help to boost your customer satisfaction.

How should you use them?

Even though they’re scripted, canned messages need to sound genuine. They shouldn’t sound unnatural or make the customer question if they are communicating with a real person. Try to only use canned messages for basic statements or frequently asked queries to save time, so that you can engage in a real conversation with the customer, which will provide them with the most value.

And two key things to remember are:

1. Match them to your brand’s voice.

Look at your brand’s voice on social media, on your website and in newsletters. This keeps continuity for your customers and helps to build more trust in your brand.

2. Make sure you personalise your canned messages.

Personalise each canned message for the specific customer or situation, to ensure the best possible user experience.

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is Marketing Manager at Talkative. She loves to create content around customer experience, customer service and emerging tech within these fields.

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