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Video: How Live Web Chat Combines Security and Convenience- FS Special!

One of the most important considerations for financial services companies is that their customers' details, information and accounts completely secure. As consumers, this is now something we not only understand, but actively prioritise and expect. After all, your money isn’t just a number in the bank. It supports your life, so you had better be sure it’s in safe hands.

However, as technology continues to change the way we communciate, live and shop, it is also changing the way we bank. Over 70% of people now use internet banking in some way, and as our banking journey is digitised, so too is the way we communicate with the companies themselves.

Offering live web chat enables a frictionless online experience for your customers in a way which is completely secure and convenient. In this video, we look at how financial services companies can leverage this technology to support their customers.


As a FS consumer, it’s important that you are absolutely sure that any correspondence you have with your bank or insurance provider is completely secure and compliant.

One of the biggest considerations for financial services companies is that conversations with their customers are secure. So the question becomes this: how do you balance security with convenience?

Online and mobile baking is fast becoming the norm. According to the Financial Times, 70% of consumers now use internet banking. The whole landscape is changing rapidly, and people now use mobile apps to transfer money, manage their accounts, change their account details and much more. So much so, that the average Brit hasn’t visited a physical branch in a year and 10 months.
This tells us that as people are choosing to digitise the way we communicate and shop, we are also digitising the way we handle our finances too, and this is where financial services companies can use web chat to provide high calibre support to your customers, regardless of whether they interact with you in a branch or online.

Why? Let’s flip the conversation back to the banks for a second.

In order to be compliant and adhere to regulations about treating customers fairly, banks need to make sure they are as transparent with their customers as possible. It’s also important that communications channels have airtight security so no details or information is mishandled.

People therefore expect to have to run through security checks when they speak to a customer service agent at their bank. But because customers are now choosing to use mobile apps and digital channels rather than heading into physical branches or using traditional contact channels like telephone, the expectation for this level of service and security to be available across online channels is increasing.

Customers are already comfortable in the knowledge that online banking is established and secure. In other words, customers who frequently use mobile apps to bank and buy insurance are already confident that they are doing so in a secure and safe environment.
So instead of forcing them to leave an environment where they already feel secure, more and more financial services companies are allowing customers to choose the channel they wish to communicate through. There will always be a need for phone calls and face to face conversations, but why not offer these channels in a way that remains compliant and actually helps improve contact centre effectiveness.

By offering your customers live web chat, web calling, video-calling or cobrowsing you are giving them more flexibility, whilst maintaining compliance with regulation. These channels are a great way of boosting conversions, improving the customer experience and proving to your customers that you are available to assist them whenever they need, in a secure and convenient way.

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou

Patsy Nearkhou is a Content and Digital Marketing Executive at Talkative. She is passionate about creating content, keeping the human touch in tech and all things digital marketing!

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