Live Web Chat For The Automotive Sector
Offer showroom level service through your website, and convert more website visitors into car sales or service bookings

Handle multiple chats - Handle multiple chats at once, with efficient routing and queueing systems to help your customers get to the right agents

Analytics - Ability to track leads and data within the software itself, and through external providers such as Google Analytics

Outsourcing Options - Choose whether you fulfil your chats in-house, outsource them, or use a hybrid model

Canned messages - Use canned (pre-determined) responses to quickly and efficiently provide answers to frequently asked questions

Fully configurable UI - Either design your own custom UI to match your brand, or use pre-designed templates

Bring your physical showroom experience into your website. You can do this by offering your customers live web chat, allowing them to organise test drives, book services, or make enquiries in a efficient way (for both them and you)

Key Industry Statistics:

  • There is a 57% conversion rate from chats to qualified leads
  • 56% of enquiries to automotive sites are made out-of-hours in the UK
  • Them most popular time of day for a live web chat is between 9am and 2pm
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the busiest days for live web chat
  • Enquiries about vehicle sales count for just over half of chat queries

Find out how Call-It Automotive transformed their lead generation and conversion process

Live web chat as a sales tool

  • Improved lead filtration and qualification - Capture customer data through the course of each interaction, which can be seamlessly integrated with your DMS (Dealer Management System)

  • Increased lead fulfillment - Give your customers the ability to contact you from any page on your website, and be intelligently routed to the most appropriate department or agent

  • Accurate lead tracking - With each interaction, web tracking data is passed to agents so they can understand the vistors' web journey prior to initiating a chat

  • Appointment scheduling - Your agents can use the chat solution to book in appointments and make the in-showroom experience more effective

  • No chat limit - There is no limit on the number of simultaneous chats you can have. Chats are placed in a queueing system until an agent is available to answer

After sales & service tool

  • Intuitive chat routing - Talkative is able to selectively route chats and calls to specific agents or departments depending on the nature of the enquiry

  • Seamless integrations - The solution can be linked to your DMS (Dealer Management System) for quick and easy access to customer records

  • Create and access support tickets - Ability to link into your existing support and ticketing systems to assist in the after-sales and servicing process

  • Talkative works on all modern browsers and devices meaning you will not lose out on any potential website leads

  • No new hardware necessary - Talkative will integrate with your existing systems, keeping costs of implementing the software to a minimum

Outsourcing & out-of-hours fulfillment

  • Capture leads outside of normal showroom hours - Set business hours for chats to occur, and capture leads offline with forms, or route chats to an external company

  • UK based fulfillment - Work with Uk based contact centres to fulfil leads and maintain your incredibly high quality of service

  • Outsource lead generation to allow sales team to focus on closing - Help keep your sales team focussed on what they do best; selling

  • Maintain high quality of service - You are able to outsource to specialist automotive agents to help you maintain impeccably high standards

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