Secure cobrowsing solution for your Mitel contact centre
Seamlessly integrates with your existing Mitel Ignite console

Why you should add cobrowsing to your Mitel contact centre

Cobrowsing is one of the next big contact centre advancements. It will enable you to offer your customers a personalised navigation through your website, with the added ability to annotate elements and push pages. One of the major benefits of cobrowsing is the security, both for you and your customers. This is due to encryption, field/credit card masking and because it only works on the single tab, not the entire desktop. Don’t just converse with your customers, collaborate with them!

Make sure to you take a look at the main cobrowsing page here for full details about the solution, how it works, and the features that are included.

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Agents are able to join customers mid-session, anywhere on the website. Talkative\’s cobrowsing solution is JavaScript based, so doesn’t require customers to download anything or install plugins

Talkative’s cobrowsing solution allows you to interact with all the elements within the website. Agents can guide customers around the website, annotate screens, push documents and assist with form fills

Cobrowsing is secure and is compliant with regulations. Sensitive information can be masked from the agent\’s view, and agents are unable to see/edit, therefore remaining PCI/DSS compliant

Agents' views are restricted to the page of the website which the customer is on. Agents cannot view desktops, or access files. Cobrowsing can also be restricted to certain pages on your site

All browsers (Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox, Opera, IE11+) are supported. Cobrowsing can be included within native iOS/Android mobile apps

Talkative provides comprehensive historical and real-time analytics for cobrowsing, covering all customer/agent interactions

Cobrowsing can be used in conjunction with Talkative's other solutions through Mitel Ignite i.e. web calling, video calling and live web chat

Securely authenticate clients and pass information to agents using Ignite. This will ensure your agents' time is maximised

Talkative's agile development team will be on hand for any changes/requests, to help you and your agents maximise the cobrowsing experience

Page push gives your agents the ability to securely share URLs with your customers during interactions

Talkative's Mitel (MiCC) integration

  • Key features - Page push, screen annotations, real-time rendering, full analytics integration and data masking. All without the need for downloads or plugins.

  • Full Integration - Talkative's cobrowsing solution is fully integrated into your MiCC, and is handled by agents within Ignite. Keeping the learning curve very small.

  • Roadmap - Regular updates are being made, and features added to keep cobrowsing up-to-date with the latest Mitel releases. All historical updates can be found in our product roadmap.

  • Additional Solutions - Opportunity to also fully integrate Talkative's web calling, video calling and live web chat functionality within your Ignite platform.

Case Studies From Our Current Clients

Blair Consular Services

Blair Consular Services use Talkative's cobrowsing solution to help their customers fill in complex forms and annotate documentation with customers in real-time.

  • Collaboration

  • Form filling

  • Complex user interface

Yellow Zebra Safaris

Yellow Zebra Safaris are using Talkative's system to help offer a personalised experience for their website customers, by offering live web chat and web calling with expert travel agents.

  • Chat and voice calling

  • Personalised web experience

  • Offline lead collection

Call-It Automotive

Call It Automotive are using Talkative's live web chat software in order to communicate with customers within the website itself and to offer unparrelled levels of service.

  • Increase number of leads

  • Improving lead conversion

  • Customer journey tracking


Bravissimo are using Talkative's full suite of solutions to offer their customers a highly personalised shopping experience, which helps set them apart from their competitors.

  • Decrease abandonment rates

  • Increase chat enquiries

  • Streamlined communication

Want to see how cobrowsing works?

Cobrowsing at a glance

Chat & Direct

Escalate conversations from live web chat to cobrowsing within the same session. Then direct your customers through your website to ensure that they find all of the information they need.

Annotate & Mask

Annotate areas of your website to help your customers understand their purpose/meaning. You can also mask sensitive areas of your website to prevent agents from seeing sensitive personal data.

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