Enhanced Live Web Chat for Mitel Contact Centres
Use Talkative's live web chat as an enhancement or an alternative to Mitel's existing web chat solution
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What are the benefits of using Talkative's enhanced live web chat solution for Mitel?

By using Talkative's sophisticated chat solution within your Mitel contact centre, you are able to maintain complete visibility over all of the channels your customers can contact you on. Existing Mitel customers are already seeing the benefits of Talkative's enhanced live web chat including:

  • 70% reduction in contact centre abandonment rate

  • 75% increase in available agents

  • 60% increase in chat enquiries from website

Talkative's Mitel (MiCC) integration

  • Key features - Web chat integrated into MiCC. Data capture messages, canned messages, customer authentication, API/CRM integration and social media messaging capabilities (Facebook Messenger).

  • Full Integration - Talkative's live web chat is routed using MiCC queueing/routing, and is handled by agents within Ignite. Keeping the learning curve very small.

  • Roadmap - Regular updates and improvements are being made to the product to keep it at the leading edge of chat solutions. All historical updates can be found in our product roadmap.

  • Additional Solutions - Opportunity to also fully integrate Talkative's web calling, video calling and cobrowsing functionality within your Ignite platform.

Benefits of Talkative's enhanced live web chat for Mitel

Deployment - copy/paste a snippet of code, no server config required

Data capture - smart messages capture key customer data

Security - no need to expose internal network to receive chats

Escalation - go from chat to voice, video and cobrowse

Flexible API - allow customisation by web developers

Custom UI - match your brand colours and guidelines to the chat solution

Responsive - agile dev team for any changes/request

Authentication - securely authenticate clients and pass info to agent

Customer Message Preview - See what your customers are typing in real-time)

Analytics - Track chat interactions and outcome tags within your Google Analytics

Learn how Bravissimo are using Talkative's enchanced chat for their MiCC

Why does my Mitel contact centre need live web chat?

Live web chat has ceased to be a luxury addition to modern contact centre offerings. Instead, the ability to chat, online in real-time with your customers is expected. This means that you need a software solution which will allow you to handle multiple chats, transfer conversations to other agents, save transcripts and provide detailed analytics. You also need a solution that will seamlessly integrate with your existing Mitel contact centre. That’s where Talkative comes in...

A full breakdown of Talkative's live web chat solution can be found here including detailed breakdowns and case studies.


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