Web and Video Calling for your Mitel Contact Centre
Add website based voice and video communication to your existing Mitel contact centre

What is web calling and video calling?

Web calling is a browser based communication channel. It leverages a technology called WebRTC (web real-time communications), this allows for the transfer of audio data directly between browsers. Because it is browser based, it requires no downloads, plugins or applications.

Video Calling also leverages WebRTC technology to allow either 1-way or 2-way video calling between agents and customers. This is completely secure, and customers have the power to end the video call at any time. In order to keep standards high, Talkative's software ensures customers' bandwidth is sufficient for video calling to even be offered.

Why does my mitel contact centre need web and video calling?

If you want to give your customers a wide range of personalised communication channels, without stretching your own resources any further, then you are in the right place. Web calling and video calling will allow you to improve your contact centre offering, all within the confines of Mitel Ignite, helping to keep the learning curve to a minimum.

Web calling and video calling will humanise your contact centre and allow you to offer your customers a personalised experience within your website, without the need for them to download anything. This will give you the edge over your competitors.

WebRTC powered calls are not going to go away. In fact, they are part of the next evolution of the contact centre. By bringing them into your Mitel contect centre you are helping to future-proof your business.

Embrace the next evolution of website-based communication

Web calling and video calling are what could be missing from your Mitel contact centre. Isn\t it time you started offering your customers a superior customer experience?

Before a web call

  • Embedded into your website for seamless, browser based customer communication

  • Fully customisable UI, to fit in with your brand and tone of voice

  • No more international dialling charges for your customers. You can even offer a free web call, instead of costly 0800 numbers

  • The solution requires just 3 lines of code to be integrated with your website/app

  • Ability to choose how and when a call is offered to customers (i.e. time-on-page or page-scroll), and allow customers to be put through to different agents depending upon the page they are on

During a web call

  • As the call is placed within the website, then software then passes through real-time information and analytics about the customer’s journey and website interactions

  • The Talkative media server converts web calls into SIP calls so you can utilise existing telephony systems including queuing, routing and recording

  • Continuous call monitoring to ensure connection quality for the highest levels of customer experience

  • Calls are unaffected by continuous browsing through the website

  • Ability to transfer calls between specific agents or various agent groups when needed

After a web call

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing website analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Double Click

  • Ability to save data directly into your CRM

  • As the call is placed within the website, our systems are able to gather detailed information and analytics about the customer’s journey which can be saved against your customers' records

  • Ability to create and download reports based on available data such as calls, times or agents

See how Bravissimo are using Talkative's Video Calling solution within Mitel Ignite

Before a video call

  • HD quality video embedded with just 3 lines of code to add a human face to your contact centre

  • No plugins or downloads, or seperate applications required. Video calling will also work with any webcam

  • Integrates into existing telephony systems, and into your Mitel Ignite system

  • Video calling can be embedded into any website, no matter how complex

  • Escalate from live web chat or web calling as required, all within your Ignite console

During a video call

  • Your customers remain in control of the process. Agents make video offers to the customer, who can accept, stop or pause at any time

  • Quickly switch between 1 and 2-way live video assistance at the click of a button

  • Integrates with existing telephony and contact centre systems, no donwloads or plugins needed

  • Easily transfer interactions to your colleagues as and when the conversation requires it

After a video call

  • Customer call and journey data is sent directly into your CRM to give you a historical view of how your customers are using your website

  • Calls have the ability to be recorded and saved, this allows you to provide accurate feedback for agents and improve your customer service quality

  • Ability to create and download reports based upon saved data to monitor software usage, drop-offs and call times

See how Yellow Zebra Safaris use Talkative's web calling technology

Mitel contact centre integration

  • Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents

  • Single reporting stream within Ignite

  • Queueing and routing performed by contact centre

  • Escalate live web chat into a web call or video call in the same session

WebRTC & System Requirements

  • Minimum requirement is a browser and webcam - no dedicated hardware needed

  • Works on all modern browsers (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

  • Quality of Service monitors the application, to ensure users have sufficient bandwidth and device before being offered a video call

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