Customer Journey Insight

Customer Journey Analytics
Agent's real time view of customer journey during a call

Real Time Understanding

See exactly how your customers have interacted with your website. Talkative displays your customer's browsing data when they use the system. This is displayed to agents in real time during sessions. Customer journey data is also viewable on a historical basis to help you understand which pages of your website are generating enquiries!


WebRTC Analytics
Comprehensive analytics dashboard to understand overview of system data

Historical Understanding

Talkative provides comprehensive historical and real-time analytics for all web chat, voice, video and cobrowsing interactions. You can configure custom database queries from an easy-to-use admin panel. Text-chat transcripts are searchable and exportable. Talkative can provide an optional call recording module or integrate with your existing call recording.

Engagement Rules

Engagement Rules for WebRTC
Engagement rules dashboard to configure agent groups and interaction rules

Control Calls

Take control over the way you offer contact to your customers. You can offer a call/chat/cobrowse on certain pages, at certain times, and to certain customers. Segment your customers and connect them to the right agents at the right time.

Engagement Rules Guide >

Deployment FAQ

The Talkative solution is designed to easily integrate into your business:

Just 3 lines of code. We can even help you do this. Here is a Guide that goes into this in more detail. This is to enable any of the features (Web Chat, Webcalling and Cobrowsing). The scripts are very lightweight, so will not affect your website's performance.
Absolutely. The Talkative solution is designed to blend in with your existing website branding. The UI is fully customisable. Talkative also provides an API for further customisation. Website API guide >
The set up falls into 3 simple stages:
1. Configure the UI to suit your website.
2. Add the scripts to your website.
3. Choose a queue for the Webcalls to go to.
Easy. Talkative helps with each stage.
Yes. Webcalls come in as regular calls. No new logins are required for your agents. No separate reporting, recording or queuing system is needed; Talkative integrates with what you already use. Think of Talkative as merely another inbound telephony channel.
Webcalling uses WebRTC. But your phones use SIP. Talkative bridges this gap, and converts WebRTC calls into SIP calls. The Talkative server performs media transcoding (both voice and video codecs), so that Webcalls enter your contact centre system as regular SIP calls. You just need to choose which queue you want the calls pointed at.
Both! Talkative recommends cloud-hosted deployments, but on-premise installs are also available.
The Talkative solution is SaaS/subscription model, licensed on a per-concurrent agent basis. The features are modular, and you only pay for the features you use. To get a quote, speak with one of our experts.
Any more questions? All features are available to trial via our cloud-hosted platform: