Seamless MiCC Integration

  • Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents
  • Single reporting stream within Mitel analytics
  • Functionality accessed within Ignite agent client
  • Queueing and routing performed by Mitel
  • Escalate web chat into a call in the same session

About Talkative's Mitel Integration

Take your Mitel Contact Centre to another level. Talkative’s integration allows you to offer a number of features not previously available to you.

Convenient web calling drives more queries to your agents. Cobrowsing and screensharing to help resolve customer issues and reduce call times. Sophisticated live web chat to help manage large chat volumes and help you to escalate chats into web calls. Talkative also provides the ability for WebRTC powered video calling giving the ability for highly personalised, face-to-face communication.

The Talkative solution enables you to capture leads 24/7 with offline emails, and because of the technology, customer journey tracking and website session data is passes through the system, enabling you to gain real insights into your website visitors' behaviour.

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Solution Capability

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    Web Chat - Sophisticated web chat integrated into MiCC. Data capture messages, canned messages, customer authentication, API/CRM integration and social media messaging capabilities (Facebook Messenger).

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    Voice Calling - Website voice calling allows your customers to call you from within your website/app with 1 click. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads. Voice calls enter your existing Mitel infrastructure

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    Video Calling - WebRTC based video calling allows your customers to start video calls into your contact centre from within your website or app. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads required

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    Cobrowsing - Cobrowse with your customers to see, understand and solve their problems in real time. Join existing sessions and get an accurate render of the customer's view

Talkative - Mitel Integration FAQs

How do voice calls integrate into MiCC?

Webcalls are answered by agents in the same way as normal inbound calls. The Talkative webcall is received by the MBG as a SIP call, then routed through the MCD to a queue or an agent extension. Existing call recording and routing can be used. Webcalls are reported on as normal inbound calls

How do agents receive video calls?

Video is accessed by the Talkative browser-based console. MiCC automatically screenpops the video console on receiving the voice element of the call. Alternatively, the voice and video streams can be joined by the agent entering the Session ID displayed on the phone screen (all SIP phones) into the console

Which Mitel licences do I need?

Talkative's voice calling works with any SIP based telephony system, which includes Mitel Contact Centre. All you need is SIP trunk licences for voice calling. You can also use IVR licences if you want to configure automatic screenpop of the Talkative console (optional)

How does licensing work?

The Talkative solution is licensed on a per-concurrent session basis. The cloud hosted service is charged on an annually recurring subscription model. Please contact us for exact pricing and on-premise deployment options. Professional Services & 24/7 support options are available

Isn't it time that you took your contact centre to another level?

More Information about Talkative's products

WebRTC Web Calling

Allows website visitors to call you from within your website. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads. Calls ring your existing phones

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WebRTC Video Calling

1 or 2 way, plugin-free video calling within your website. Works with existing call centre systems. Use with chat or voice calling

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Web Chat

Sophisticated web chat, complete with data capture messages, canned messages, customer authentication, CRM integration and social media.

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Real-time,robust web chat allows convenient website communication. Escalate to voice to provide true seamless communication

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