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Hosted Service

The Talkative application is a hosted service, meaning there are no servers for you to set up or manage. The service is hosted within dedicated AWS infrastructure, with options for local Talkative server instances in any of these locations around the world, both to reduce latency and comply with any necessary data regulatory requirements.

Talkative offers an SLA with a guaranteed 99.95% uptime, and delivers prompt support via email, chat and voice.

On premise deployments are also available upon request.

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Telephony Integration

Talkative uses the SIP protocol for the voice calling feature. By establishing a SIP trunk between the Talkative voice server and your telephony platform (Talkative is platform agnostic), calls can be received as SIP calls. This enables you to leverage your existing queuing, routing and call recording. Currently our most popular full integration is into the Mitel contact centre.

For more straightforward set up, calls can be delivered via the PSTN. In this instance, calls will be received from +44 (0) 330 112233 with the caller ID as the 6 digit Talkative interaction ID. This interaction ID is configured to automatically screenpop (SIP integration) the Talkative agent console on incoming calls.

Website and Mobile App Integration

Adding Talkative scripts to a website is a straight forward task. Scripts are lightweight and load asyncrhonously, so there is negligible effect on page load times.

The scripts can be added directly into the HTML code or added via a Tag Management System. Talkative's functionality can also be invoked via the Talkative website API, enabling features to be initiated using your own custom website elements.

Integration with mobile apps (iOS and Android) is also supported. Please get in touch for more information on Talkative client SDKs.

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Browser and Device Support

Talkative's agent console is supported in Chrome and Firefox browsers, and all modern browsers are supported on the customer side. A Quality of Service (QoS) mechanism identifies if legacy browsers are used and offers suitable contact options accordingly.

The QoS system also actively monitors bandwidth and ascertains whether microphone, speakers (both required for voice) and webcam (required for video) are available. These results are summarised to agents and available contact options are altered as necessary.

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