Native web chat, voice, video and cobrowsing within Salesforce
Seamlessly embed Talkative with Salesforce to help you convert more leads to sales, and provide superior customer service

Solution Capability

  • Live Web Chat - Web chat integrated into MiCC. Data capture messages, canned messages, customer authentication, API/CRM integration and social media messaging capabilities (Facebook Messenger).

  • Web Calling - Website voice calling allows your customers to call you from within your website/app with 1 click. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads. Voice calls enter your existing Mitel telephony infrastructure

  • Video Calling - WebRTC based video calling allows your customers to start video calls into your contact centre from within your website or app. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads required

  • Cobrowsing - Cobrowse with your customers to see, understand and solve their problems in real time. Join existing sessions and get an accurate render of the customer's view

Who are Salesforce? Why a Talkative-Salesforce Integration?

Salesforce is widely recognised as one of the world’s leading CRM platforms. In 2018 Forbes named them as one of the most innovative companies in the world, and also in 2018 Indeed named them as #1 on their best workplaces list.

Talkative is always looking to expand its integrations to help provide our customers with the opportunity to embed our human-powered communications software into your CRM platform of choice. Therefore, it is only natural that we wanted to natively integrate into Salesforce as one of the world’s most powerful CRMs.

Talkative’s native integration into Salesforce paves the way for organisations and businesses like yours to communicate on a deeper level with your customers. Enabling you to convert more website leads, and provide a superior customer service.


Core features of the Salesforce integration

  • Completely native integration with Salesforce. No need to log in to external sites or create new accounts

  • Seamless integration with existing Salesforce analytics tools

  • Can handle multiple clients simultaneously within an existing Salesforce session

  • Secure communication with end-to-end encryption

  • Interaction history is sent to the Salesforce API and appended to an existing contact

  • Escalate live web chat into voice, video or cobrowsing within the same session

  • Works on any modern browser and device (including mobile and tablet)
  • Live Web Chat

    • Multiple concurrent chats can be handled within the Salesforce agent console. Seamlessly escalate from chat to voice, video and cobrowse

    • Features include data capture messages, customer message preview, canned messages with dynamic variables, credit card masking and more. Customer details & data (including account number) are automatically and securely passed through to the agent from the website

    • An optional pre-chat form can also be used to collect customer details. This is mapped to customer details within Salesforce. When the interaction is accepted by the agent, the account summary is presented alongside the interaction

    • Integration into social media channels

    • Real time translation in 21 languages (417 translation combinations)

    Web and Video Calling

    • Talkative embeds voice and video calling into the online customer experience, either as a direct call from the webpage or escalating a chat into a call

    • Web calling is WebRTC-powered, with no need for plugins or downloads for the customer. Web calling works across all devices and all modern browsers

    • On the agent side, calls can be routed into existing SIP infrastructure, to a PSTN phone number, or to an agent soft phone

    • Chat-to-voice escalation reduces interaction times and delivers contextual human communication for customers

    • 1 & 2-way video calling can also be used for face-to-face communication, remote diagnostics and product demonstrations


    • Talkative offers a tiered approach to cobrowsing to balance the need for agent efficiency and digital customer experience

    • The customer page view feature gives agents a view of the customer’s current page, in addition to a graphical representation of the customer’s journey through the website

    • With the customer’s permission, page push allows agents to send customers to a different URL

    • With the customer’s permission, cobrowsing gives agents greater insight and control over the browsing session. Agents see a truly accurate view of the customer’s current session and can use annotation and a mouse pointer to illustrate things to the customer

    • Cobrowsing does not require plugins, pop up windows or other applications. Cobrowsing is restricted to the customer’s current web page within your website. Sensitive forms and pages can be masked from cobrowsing with a single line of code

    • Cobrowsing will empower agents to solve problems faster and deliver a better experience to customers who are experiencing issues with your website

    Native Salesforce integration

    • Talkative has taken a “Native” approach to integrating into Salesforce. The agent console is embedded into Salesforce through a Lightning web component

    • The Salesforce Knowledge Base is available for agents during interactions

    • Interaction history is sent to the Salesforce API and appended to an existing contact. Data is then purged from the Talkative database, with the Talkative application acting as a conduit of data, rather than storing any customer data

    • Agent workloads are configured to handle multiple chats within Salesforce. Additionally, all reporting is handled within Salesforce

    • Interaction history is presented to agents upon incoming interactions to provide a seamless customer care experience across channels

    Common features across the Talkative solution

    Works on all modern browsers and devices, allowing you converse with as many of your customers as possible

    Fully customisable UI, to fit in with your brand and tone of voice

    The solution requires just 3 lines of code to be integrated with your website/app

    All customer interactions can be saved into your CRM and matched against customer records

    Safe and secure communication channels with end-to-end encryption. Talkative is also fully GDPR compliant and operates in-line with ISO 27001

    As the conversation(s) occur within your website, our systems are able to pass through real-time information and analytics about the customer’s journey and website interactions

    Ability to choose how and when a call is offered to customers (i.e. time-on-page or page-scroll), and allow customers to come through to different agents depending upon the page they are on

    Seamlessly integrates with existing website analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Double Click

    Integrate Talkative into your contact centre as well as your CRM

    Talkative can seamlessly integrate new or existing contact centre, along with your CRM to help you maximise every single customer interaction

    Business Intelligence

    • As all interaction data is stored within Salesforce objects, you can leverage Salesforce's native reporting platform to build reports and visualisations focusing on the key metrics important to your organisation

    • Reports include agent utilisation on a real time and historical basis, including a split by channel e.g. voice, chat, cobrowsing

    • Interaction type (chat, voice, cobrowsing) and outcome tags (e.g. login issue, new customer, sales enquiry) are both reported on within Google Analytics, to give a contextual overview of how your website is generating customer contact


    • Talkative is deployed by adding a lightweight JavaScript script tag to each applicable part of your website. The script can be added via Google Tag Manager

    • Language settings can be localised

    • You can trigger contextual nudges (invitations to chats, calls etc.) based on website visitor behaviour

    • The Talkative environment in AWS data centre scales on demand

    • Users can be added within the solution with no intervention or direct contact with Talkative required

    • The Talkative user interface is completely customisable. A web API is available if your web developers wish to design a user interface, alternatively Talkative can provide this design, working collaboratively with any applicable design guidelines

    Now it's time to integrate Talkative into your Salesforce account

    Add a new dimension to your customer interactions with talkative's powerful software, embedded seamlessly into your existing Salesforce account

    Success Stories From Our Clients

    Laura Franklin Bravissimo

    "Talkative’s solution allows Bravissimo customers to engage with our consultants in the same way they would if they were in store, which massively improves our customers’ online experience. Talkative has worked amazingly well and we’ve seen a real improvement already. Our abandonment rate target was 10%, and we’ve managed to lower our average chat abandonment rate to 6% in the first month."

    Nicholas Reisinger Call It Automotive

    "We have been operating in the automotive chat market for years and were using several chat providers. Transitioning all our clients onto Talkative was smooth, which included integration into our custom lead distribution API. We now have 24/7 support, with issues solved quickly and efficiently from an agile UK-based engineering team."

    "Talkative have been very proactive in helping us in the quest to increase our digital leads through live chat, web calls and offline messages. They have worked hard to customise all of this to suit our in-house style, as well as ensure the various lead generation tools are correctly tracking and integrated with our other systems. Fantastic service and positive results!"