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Live Web Chat, Voice, Video Calling and Cobrowsing for ECommerce Websites

ECommerce is the retail battleground of the moment. Brands are looking to stay relevant, and customers are demaning far more personalisation and communication than ever before. With this in mind, there has been a surge in demand for human-powered, website-based communication. This is where Talkative comes in. We help ECommerce companies - like yours - to turn website visitors into leads, leads to sales and provide exceptional customer service after

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Website-based communication for your ECommerce business

Live Web Chat

Real-time conversations between businesses and their customers are now essential. Talkative's live web chat software is fully customisable to your website and branding, and will allow your agents to handle multiple concurrent chats. Customer message preview and canned responses give your agents the ability to respond to queries quickly and accurately. All conversation transcripts are saved directly into your CRM and all interactions can by tracked within your Google Analytics console. Talkative's chat will also integrate with your existing social media messenging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Twitter and Whatsapp

Web and Video Calling

Calls have long been the staple of business communications. However, you can now take this to another level with web and video calling. Using a technology called WebRTC, that Talkative software allows you to embed voice and video into your website without the need for plug ins or downloads. Explicit customer permission must be given and all communications are secured with end-to-end encryption. All calls, and accompanying customer journey data can be recorded and saved into your existing CRM and attributed to the customer account in question. All calls can be integrated seamlessly with all of your existing telephony and contact centre systems


Cobrowsing allows you to guide your customers through your website and help them make the best purchase decision. Cobrowsing doesn't require any downloads or plug ins, and can be used on any website. Tools like page push, customer preview and customer journey tracking help give your agents valuable insight. The software is fully secure, and agents can only see the tab session was initiated from. Private/sensitive customer information such as credit card details are masked from agents. You can use cobrowsing in conjuction with Talkative's other products or as a stand-alone solution

Why is communication so important to ECommerce companies?

For ECommerce businesses, effective communication is not only essential, it’s expected. Your potential and current customers want to ask you questions, get more information, get your advice, and unfortunately, sometimes want to complain. Therefore, it’s imperative that you offer communication channels your customers want to use, in an efficient manner, which also isn’t resource intensive.

By offering communication mediums like live web chat, web calling, video calling and cobrowsing you are able to not only offer your customers better support and service, but also boost sales. Your contact centre agents can help your customers choose the most appropriate product for them, even x-sell or up-sell. Essentially your agents can act as personal shoppers to help relieve your customers paradox of choice.

We are also seeing ECommerce companies take this technology to new levels, by using video to showcase products, give live demonstartions, even show the place where the furniture will be placed, in order to help customers make the best possible choice, first time round.

Top eCommerce Stats

Every potential customer matters. Here's some evidence . . .

  • 67% of Millennials prefer to shop online rather than in-store (BigCommerce)

  • It’s 7 times more expensive to acquire a new customer than retain an existing one (Invesp)

  • Millennials are 53% more likely to have a shopping app on their mobile/tablet than other generations (VWO)

  • 68% of US online shoppers engage with live chat features (Ladesk)

  • 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from a retailer that recognizes them by name, recommends options based on past purchases, OR knows their purchase history (Accenture)

  • 73% of customers say they love a brand for their friendly employees or customer service representatives (Oracle)
  • Lead Conversion and Tracking

    • Give your customers more channels to contact you, whilst also streamlining your conversation process

    • See the callers’ journey through your website, prior to starting the conversation

    • Ability to intelligently route customer calls through to specific agents

    • Conversation data is saved into your CRM for future reference

    • Capture offline leads when no agents are available

    Customer Service and Customer Experience

    • Improve your first-call resolution rates

    • Personalised conversations

    • Escalate live web chats into web calls, video calls or cobrowsing sessions where appropriate

    • Human face to a digital company

    • Agents are able to make suitable suggestions based on the customers website journey

    The benefits of WebRTC

    • No need for lots of expensive PSTN numbers

    • Automatic routing of calls through existing telephone systems

    • No need to buy in new telephony systems

    • Your customers do not need to download plugins or sign-in to use the software

    • Receive more data on your customers' website journey, prior to initiating a call with you

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