turn more travel conversations into travel bookings

Improve your service and boost your bookings through web calling, video calling and live web chat

Top Travel Industry Statistics

Whether you're an international holiday maker or a local tour guide, your website and how you talk to your customers is more important now than at any time previous. Here are some statistics to show it.

  • 25-60% of visitors to a travel website are lost with each click in the path to purchase on mobile (eye for travel)

  • 69% of travellers begin their search online… via a mobile device (eye of travel)

  • 47% of holidaymakers said they would call a travel provider before parting with their cash (Media Hawk)

How Travel companies can increase their bookings through conversations

For travel companies, like yours, being able to boost the number of bookings made through your site will be a top priority. Followed very closely by offering high levels of customer service, in order to keep those holiday makers coming back.

When potential customers come to your website, it is important that you offer them everything that they need to be able to make a purchase. This includes information on site, clear pathways and options, and, of course, obvious and effective communication channels.

Because most customers want to have a personalised and high-touch experience when booking holidays, we’ve seen significant benefits to websites offering channels like live web chat, web calling and video calling.

At Talkative, we want to enrich and enable these human conversations in order to boost the bookings made on your website. This page will tell you how.

through your customer's web browser talkative enables:

web calling

Allows website visitors to call you from within your website. No plugins, sign-ins or downloads. Calls ring your existing phones

  • Increase web conversions

  • Intelligent call routing

  • Customer journey tracking

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video calling

2 way, plugin-free video calling within your website. Works with existing call centre systems. Use with chat or voice calling.

  • Face-to-face connection

  • Switch between 1 & 2 way video

  • Service quality monitoring

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Securely see understand and solve customer problems in real time. Works on all websites. Enterprise-grade security

  • Obfusication for enhanced security

  • Help users navigate your website

  • Annotate specific areas of interest

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live web chat

Robust web chat allows convenient website communication. Escalate to voice to provide true seamless communication

  • Simply triage customer queries

  • All chats logged securely and timestamped

  • Ability to escalate to voice/video

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Lead Generation

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    Offer calls on certain pages

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    Mobile-ready and works on all modern browsers

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    Offline email capture

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    Keep users on your website while they call

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    Adaptable UI to help suit your business

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Lead Conversion and Tracking

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    Track customer journeys through your website

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    Integrates with tools like Google Analytics and Double Click

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    Seamless integration with existing CRM

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    Intelligent call routing to make sure customers are directed to the most appropriate agents

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    Escalate chats into calls to maximise conversions

The benefits of WebRTC

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    No more need for lots of expensive PSTN numbers

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    Automatic routing of calls through existing telephone systems

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    No need to buy in new telephony systems

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    Your custoemrs do not need to download plugins or sign-in to use the software

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    Receive more data on your customers website journey prior to initiating a call with you

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