Offer next level customer experience with Video Calling
Isn’t it time you truly personalised your customer experience by adding a real, human face to your company?

Why those who don't embrace video calling will be left behind

Video calling is one of the key differentiators in the contact centre world, and the benefits it can bring are massive. As far as personalised service goes, there is nothing that compares. Agents are able to provide customers with a one-on-one experience through the website and that in turn leads to an improved conversion rates.

Video calling has merits both for sales and service, with agents able to clearly answer any questions the website visitors has, even show some of the products or services on offer. In addition, agents can focus almost entirely on the individual needs of the customer, to maximise their experience and facilitate brand loyalty.

At Talkative, we believe that video calling will absolutely set you apart from your competitors both in terms of quality of service, but also in improved sales. Now it’s time to embed video calling into your website.

The importance of video calling

Video calling is transforming the way in which website visitors, call centre agents and customers interact for the better.

  • Over 50% of adults in the UK have an appetite to use video chat for customer service

  • 54% of customers thought that video would help them better understand the advice being given by their financial institution

  • 41% of consumers think video will be more secure than the traditional phone-based contact centre
  • Fully embedded into your website

    • HD quality video embedded with just 3 lines of code

    • No plugins, downloads or separate applications required

    • Works on any type of website

    • Escalate from chat or voice as required

    Easy to set-up and use

    • Agents remain in control of the process, making video offers to the customer, who accepts when ready

    • Quickly switch between 1 and 2 way live video assistance at the click of a button

    • Integrates with existing telephony and contact centre systems, or use standalone

    • Easily transfer interactions to your colleagues if necessary

    WebRTC & system requirements

    • Minimum requirement is a browser and webcam - no dedicated hardware needed

    • Works on all modern browsers (Safari, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Opera)

    • Quality of Service monitors the application, to ensure users have sufficient bandwidth and device before being offered a video call

    Take your digital conversations to a personal level, and convert more conversations into sales

    Whether you want to offer a personalised shopping experience, or next level customer service, you should embrace the power of video calling

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