Let your customers call you from your website with a Click to Call button

What is Click to Call?

Click to Call allows web calling from within a website, on desktop, tablet and mobile. One click to start a call from a browser into a contact centre. Click to Call uses WebRTC so you do not need and downloads, logins or plugins to start a call. Calls are routed directly into your contact centre and ring your existing phones like a normal PSTN call.

Click to call is NOT requesting a call back. It is not getting someone to ring your mobile number. It does not need a phone. It is direct. It is instant. Click to Call is the most effective way of starting a voice call.

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What are the benefits of Click to Call?

Website Conversions

Offer a simple, hassle-free way for customers to contact you as they land on your website. Use website context to route calls to the right agents during relevant parts of their journey.

Greater Sales Tools

Agents can see the customer's website journey and use cobrowsing to assist in real time. Seamlessly escalate to a 1 or 2 way video calling session to show items or provide a personalised contact.

Call Tracking

As web calls are initiated within your website, you have far greater insight into call tracking metrics. Use detailed reporting to evaluate when and why customers want to call you.

Take Click to Call web calls straight into your contact centre

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Add the button to your website: Add 3 lines of code to your website, choose which number you want to ring, and you're away! You can choose the UI of the button, as well as set office hours and create engagement rules. Website visitors need no plugins, phones or downloads.

From web chat to voice, video and cobrowsing: Use web chat to start the interaction, and seamlessly escalate to a website voice call, all within the same session. The ultimate web chat experience for your customers! Bring in video and cobrowsing to solve problems and show a human face.

Receive calls with your existing phones: Calls are answered in the same way as normal inbound calls. Existing call recording and routing can be used. Receive a PSTN call or integrate directly with SIP.

True customer journey analysis: Agents see a graphical representation of the customer journey in real time. See an overview of the customer journey on a historical basis. See which pages and journeys are generating the most calls. Integrate with your systems such as Google Analytics.

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