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Escalate from Live Chat to Voice, Video and Cobrowsing

Beyond Web Chat

While live web chat is suitable for dealing with simple queries, there are times when you need more. Seamlessly escalate from web chat to use Cobrowsing, Voice and Video to provide a true omni-channel customer experience.

Live Chat
Customer view of chat window
  • Simple Web Chat:
    Talkative provides a simple to use, reliable web chat solution. You can message customers in real time when they visit your website/app. You can customise the UI to suit your website. The system includes queueing, reporting, analytics and chat logs. The in-page chat window is persistent across page loads and works behind authentication walls. You can use engagement rules so you can engage customers with the right agents at the right time. Pre-canned messages are easily configured to maximise agent efficiency.
Agent view of chat with cobrowsing
  • Cobrowsing:
    If your customer requires assistance, you can cobrowse your website with them, at the click of a button. Cobrowsing lets you join the customer to share their view of your website. You can directly interact with the customer to see, understand and solve their problems in real time. Annotation, document pushing and joint form-filling enable a truly personalised and streamlined customer experience.
Website Voice Calling
Escalate to a voice/video call
  • Webcalling:
    Web chat is useful. Until your customer wants to actually talk to you. Instead of giving them a number to call up, seamlessly escalate from a web chat to a voice call. With one click of a button. This can either be to the same agent, or handed off into a separate queue/extension. Hand-offs are accompanied with a copy of the chat transcript to avoid info rehash. Voice calls can be integrated with your existing telephony systems. All of this within your website without signups, plugins or downloads.

Escalation Options

On top of live chat, you can add any combination of components :

Click-to-Call Voice

Escalate from a live chat session to an in-website voice call. Learn more >

Video Chat

Escalate from a live chat session to an in-website video call. Learn more >


Cobrowse with your customers during a live chat session to solve problems. Learn more >

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