Web Chat Made Personal

Escalate from web chat into cobrowsing, voice & video.

Engage personally with your online customers

Web chat is great for dealing with simple queries. Talkative's web chat system allows escalation into cobrowsing, voice and video to provide a human customer experience through your website

Easy To Use

Simply message customers when they visit your website.

Use canned messages to save time and quickly answer questions.

Customise the UI to suit your website.

Store chat transcripts and analyse chat history.

Document Cobrowsing

Cobrowsing, Voice, Video

Escalate from web chat to a voice or video call in the same session.

Send voice calls to the same chat agent, or route the call into a separate queue.

Use cobrowsing to quickly solve problems for your customer.

Document Cobrowsing

Offline Lead Capture

Set office hours so web chat is not displayed to users outside of set times.

Use engagement rules to engage customers at certain points on your website.

Display a lead capture form when you are offline.

Document Cobrowsing

Example Use Case

Cobrowsing Solution Screenshot

Blair Consular Services use web chat and cobrowsing within their QuickCert online certification portal. Staff are able to securely join the customer's browsing session to see, understand, and solve problems relating to the QuickCert online service. Document collaboration and annotation provides clarity to what can be a complex process.

“Cobrowsing has transformed how we manage customer enquiries about Certificate of Origin forms. Complex enquiries can be solved faster, which saves us a lot of time.”

Doug Blair, Managing Director

Web Chat Escalation Demo

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