Bravissimo live web chat and video calling Case Study
How Talkative has helped assist Bravissimo with customer support

Who are Bravissimo?

Bravissimo are a leading UK lingerie retailer who were founded in 1995 to give a better experience of buying and wearing bras for big boobed women (D to L cup). Today they have 29 physical shop locations and over 850 employees. They have also won numerous customer service and retail awards, showing their commitment to not just offer a good experience, but an exceptional one.

Bravissimo's focus is on giving their customers a really uplifitng and confidence boosting experience, whenever a customer contacts them, no matter whether it's online, on the phone or in one of their shops.

What were Bravissimo looking for?

Bravissimo’s award winning customer service team wanted to give their customers a choice in how they contacted the company, without further stretching the available resources. They were also looking to increase the number of customers they could service, as well as having increased flexibility on how they configure and allocate customer interactions.

In addition, Bravissimo wanted to maintain their glowing reputation for offering their customer's more than just lingerie, but also a highly personalised, and efficient service. To do this they needed a tool that was scalable, personable, and professional.

    Why did they choose to work with Talkative?

    One of the key advantages Talkative could offer, over and above its competitors was the ability to uniquely integrate with Bravissimo’s Mitel Contact Centre environment. This means that agents can be allocated a blend of chats, emails and calls, all within their existing platform.

    This close working relationship between Talkative and Bravissimo has resulted in a large number of product enhancements, which will not only benefit Bravissimo, but all of Talkative’s growing customer base.

      What have the outcomes been so far?

      To date the implementation of Talkative's solution into Bravissimo's ECommerce website has resulted in some major improvements. One of the primary metrics observed was bringing down their abandonment rate to 6.08% (well below the target of 10%). Additionally the average chat length across chat interactions was measured at 10 minutes, 19 seconds.

        To-date, the Talkative solution has been deployed across Travel, Automotive, Retail and Financial Services clients, driving web conversions and digital customer experience.

        Company: Bravissimo

        Features that Bravissimo are using: live web chat, web calling, video calling & cobrowsing

        Website: Bravissimo