Web Calling lets your customers voice call you from within your website
Improve your customer experience and convert more website visitors into customers with data-rich, contextual web calling

What is web calling?

Web calling, alternatively known as voice calling is a form of website-based communication. It enables business and customers to communicate securely using the internet using a technology known as WebRTC (Web Real-Time Communications).

Although web calling is internet based, calls can be directed as a standard PSTN call to fixed lines and mobile devices using SIP. This allows businesses and contact centres to embed website-based communication with their existing telephony and contact centre solutions.

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Embedded within your website, allowing your customers to call you through the browser/app

As the call is placed within the website, our systems are able to pass through real-time information and analytics about the customer’s journey and website interactions

The solution requires just 3 lines of code to be integrated with your website/app

Ability to create multiple agent groups, and allow for some level of IVR bypass. Alternatively the Talkative system also allows you to present a visual IVR

Fully customisable UI, to fit in with your brand and tone of voice

Calls are unaffected by continuous browsing through the website, and the Talkative system continuously monitors connection quality to ensure the highest levels of customer experience

Ability to choose how and when a call is offered to customers (i.e. time-on-page or page-scroll), and allow customers to come through to different agents depending upon the page they are on

Seamlessly integrates with existing website analytics tools such as Google Analytics and Double Click

No more international dialling charges for your customers. You can even offer a free web call, instead of costly 0800 numbers

The Talkative media server converts web calls into SIP calls so you can utilise existing telephony systems including queuing, routing and recording

See how Yellow Zebra Safaris use Talkative

How does web calling benefit your customers and your business?

Pre Call

When your customers are navigating your website, they may have queries or issues. Web calling offers a seamless option for your customers to contact you before making a purchase decision. You can use various engagement rules and agent groups, to ensure that the right customer is passed through to the right agent, who can help solve a query the first time round, and improve your conversion rates.

During Call

As a call starts, agents are not only able to speak with the customer, but they also receive valuable context, such as where it came from and why it happened. This information is crucial to ensuring a swift resolution and a smooth customer experience. If a web call isn’t enough, the call can be escalated into a video call or a cobrowse session. This will allow your agents to assist customers, personally and in real-time.

Post Call

Because the call is initiated through the website, the insights and data you are able to gather are far superior to a standard SIP call. Talkative’s analytics platform will help you to understand your traffic to call conversion, average call length and the number of escalations to name a few. This insight will allow you to better understand your customer and it takes the guesswork out of call tracking.

Why web calling matters to businesses and call centres more now than ever before

There is an ever-growing number of communication channels available for customers to contact businesses. However, few have the power and impact that voice calls still have in terms of converting leads and helping answer complex customer queries.

Talkative’s web calling solution helps you to take traditional phone calls into the modern era, by using new technology (WebRTC) to offer more insight and data than ever before. Now is not the time to replace humans, instead you need to enrich and enable humans to offer a personalised, and trustworthy service to your customers.

By embedding web calling into your website, you can offer your customers the ability to call you from within the website (instead of having to leave the website to call you). This helps to not only improve the customer experience and allow you to provide superior customer service, but also to convert more leads, and generate more sales.

The value of web calling

By 2019, an estimated 162 billion inbound calls will be made to businesses.

  • Average inbound call times between 2016 and 2017 rose by 113%

  • General sales calls into a business have a 30-50% conversion rate, Vs 1-2% for clicks

  • $1 trillion in consumer spending estimated to be influenced by calls placed to businesses

  • 74% of Microsoft's 2017 State of Global Customer Service report respondents have contacted a customer service department by phone


    Contact Centre Integration

    • Assign Talkative interaction capabilities to agents

    • Single reporting stream within contact centre analytics

    • Queueing and routing performed by contact centre

    • Escalate web chat into a call in the same session

    Bring voice calls into your website with web calling

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